1914-1918, Regard D'Un Medecin Militaire

Leon Lecerf

Date Published :
January 2006
Publisher :
Editions Charles Herissey
Illustration :
110 b/w photos
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ISBN : 9782914417259
Pages : 125
Dimensions : 13.5 X 9.5 inches
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French Text

Doctor Léon Leçerf was mobilized at the beginning of the Great War. His responsibilities at the Front included caring for many solders coming back from the lines who had a chance momentarily to forget the horror. Civilians too were equally exposed to the horrors but tried to continue as best they could their ordinary lives. He administered both first aid and the last rights to the casualties in his care.

Doctor Leçerf's second passion after medicine was photography and it is this second interest of his that makes this book so completely unique. In many ways it is a photographic diary of his time at the front. There are, of course, the usual photographs of military activities, but what is so very compelling are the photographs of civilians, often just a few feet behind the front lines, continuing to go about their daily business as best they can given the extraordinary circumstances they find themselves in. It is a juxtaposition of realities that is quite extraordinary to see.

Thanks to his images, we have a unique glimpse of a time long past, but one which, in some ways still exists in all the places where military action and civilians come up against each other; Baghdad, Kabul—the list is long.

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