1944, L'ete Chaud des Collabos

Du front de Normandie aux rue de Paris

Olivier Pigoreau

Date Published :
February 2015
Publisher :
Histoire and Collections
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Binding. : Paperback
ISBN : 9782352503835
Pages : 300
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French Text

For the French there, the Allies who landed in Normandy were not liberators. Recruited by the German intelligence service “sleeper agents” - spies and saboteurs - infiltrated the front line, volunteered in the Doriot’s PPF rescue parties of the Normandy population, and integrated into the SS division’s war correspondents: all will fight their way to repel the “invasion”.

This is the battle left in the shadows of the men and women that this book tells. But also that of their comrades in the streets of Paris where the fever rose in the summer of 1944, where the Francistes of Bucard tried to shoot the police, where free guards of the Militia subdued the mutiny of inmates of health to return to France and volunteer on the eastern front to overthrow the government of Pierre Laval with German help.

The ultimate battle of “collaborators” on French soil.

About The Author

Olivier Pigoreau a déjà publié chez Histoire & Collections
deux autres récits historiques : «Sanglante randonnée» et «l’été
chaud des collabos», ainsi que le compte-rendu annoté du
procès de l’espion nazi Roland Nosek.

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