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To Conquer And to Keep - Suchet and the War for Eastern Spain, 1809-1814

Volume 1 - 1809-1811

Yuhan Kim


To Conquer And to Keep - Suchet and the War for Eastern Spain, 1809-1814

Volume 2 - 1811-1814

Yuhan Kim


In the Shadow of Isandlwana

The Life and Times of General Lord Chelmsford and his Disaster in Zululand

John Laband, Ian Knight


The Talavera Campaign 1809

Tim Saunders


The Battle of the Little Bighorn

A New Appraisal

W.A. Wallace


The Key to Lisbon

The Third French Invasion of Portugal, 1810-11

Kenton White


Mapping the Great Game

Explorers, Spies and Maps in 19th-century Asia

Riaz Dean


The Two Battles of Copenhagen 1801 and 1807

Britain and Denmark in the Napoleonic Wars

Gareth Glover


Fighting for Napoleon's Army in Russia

A POW's Memoir

C J Wagevier


British and Spanish Relations During the Peninsular War

The British Gracchi

Joaquin García Contreras, Malcolm Marsh


Such a Clash of Arms

The Maryland Campaign, September 1862

Kevin R. Pawlak


Armies of the Italian Risorgimento

Gabriele Esposito


Grant at 200

Reconsidering the Life and Legacy of Ulysses S. Grant

Chris Mackowski PhD, Frank J. Scaturro


Blood, Guts and Gore

Assistant Surgeon John Gordon Smith at Waterloo

John Gordon Smith, Gareth Glover


Napoleon's Infantry

French Line, Light and Foreign Regiments 1799–1815

Gabriele Esposito


The Railway that Helped win the Crimean War

The Story of the Grand Crimean Central Railway

Anthony Dawson


Gettysburg Faces

Portraits and Personal Accounts

Ronald S. Coddington


Defending the Arteries of Rebellion

Confederate Naval Operations in the Mississippi River Valley, 1861-1865

Neil P. Chatelain


Wellington's Waterloo Allies

How Soldiers from Brunswick, Hanover, Nassau and the Netherlands Contributed to the Victory of 1815

Andrew W Field


From the Atacama to the Andes

Battles of the War of the Pacific 1879-1883

Alan Curtis


The African Wars

Warriors and Soldiers of the Colonial Campaigns

Chris Peers


Horses Worn to Mere Shadows

The Victorio Campaign 1880

Robert N. Watt


Wellington's Cavalry and Technical Corps, 1800–1815

Including Artillery

Gabriele Esposito


The Charge of the Heavy Brigade

Scarlett’s 300 in the Crimea

M J Trow


Their Maryland

The Army of Northern Virginia From the Potomac Crossing to Sharpsburg in September 1862

Alexander B. Rossino


Dust of Glory

The First Anglo-Afghan War 1839-1842, its Causes and Course

Bill Whitburn


The Siege that Changed the World

Paris, 1870–1871

N S Nash CBE


Embattled Capital

A Guide to Richmond During the Civil War

Robert M. Dunkerly, Doug Crenshaw


The British & the Sikhs

Discovery, Warfare and Friendship c1700-1900

Gurinder Singh Mann


Revenge in the Name of Honour

The Royal Navy’s Quest for Vengeance in the Single Ship Actions of the War of 1812

Nicholas James Kaizer


The Alamo’s Forgotten Defenders

The Remarkable Story of the Irish During the Texas Revolution

Phillip Thomas Tucker


Napoleon's Waterloo Army

Uniforms and Equipment

Paul L Dawson, Keith Rocco


Journey Through the Wilderness

Garnet Wolseley's Canadian Red River Expedition of 1870

Paul McNicholls


Napoleon's Admirals

Flag Officers of the Arc de Triomphe, 1789-1815

Richard Humble


The Long Shadow of Waterloo

Myths, Memories, and Debates

Timothy Fitzpatrick


Major General George H. Sharpe and The Creation of American Military Intelligence in the Civil War

Peter G. Tsouras


Gunboats on the Great Lakes 1866-68

The British Navy's show of force at the time of Confederation

Cheryl MacDonald


The Serbian Army in the Wars for Independence against Turkey, 1876-1878

Dusan Babac


Armies of Bismarck's Wars

Prussia, 1860–67

Bruce Bassett Powell