A G.I. in The Ardennes

The Battle of the Bulge

Denis Hambucken

A G.I. In the Ardennes focuses on the human experience during wartime.
Date Published :
May 2020
Publisher :
Pen and Sword
Illustration :
200 color illustrations
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Binding. : Hardback
ISBN : 9781526756183
Pages : 144
Dimensions : 9.6 X 9.6 inches
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Through collections of artifacts, photos, letters and testimonies, this book takes a fresh and immersive look at the day-to-day conditions of the American soldiers in the Ardennes, and at the circumstances that drew them there from a world away.

A G.I. in the Ardennes focuses on the human experience during wartime. What was life like for a regular American soldier who gave his life to combat fascism?

By immersing himself in historical documents, hundreds of letters and several interviews from that period of time, Denis Hambucken managed to accurately reconstruct the daily life of an American soldier in impressive detail. The author takes a closer look at the weapons, equipment and personal belongings of the soldiers who fought at the Western front, while sharing numerous personal anecdotes and moving stories.

About The Author

Denis Hambucken is an author, photographer, illustrator and graphic designer with a passion for history. Originally from Belgium, and living in the United States, he regularly returns to the Ardennes, and travels across the United States to gather testimonies, documents and photos.


"While a particularly valuable book for those who are unfamiliar with the campaign and military life and service in the Second World War, even serious students of the war will find much of interest in Hambucken’s latest effort."

- The NYMAS Review

"This book’s collection of photos and stories makes it a must for anyone interested in World War II."

- Toy Soldier Collector & Historical Figures

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