A German General on the Eastern Front

The Letters and Diaries of Gotthard Heinrici 1941-1942

Johanne Hurter

Date Published :
December 2021
Publisher :
Pen and Sword
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20 illustrations
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Binding. : Paperback
ISBN : 9781399082815
Pages : 176
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The Eastern Front, 1941. Operation Barbarossa. Hitler’s armies advance into the Soviet Union to conquer Lebensraum in the East. Among the corps commanders is General Gotthard Heinrici, a career soldier, a highly decorated First World War veteran, who observed and recorded in his diary and letters the unprecedented harshness of the German conduct of the campaign. With remarkable candor he described his experiences at the front and the everyday lives of the troops under his command - and the appalling conditions in which the war was fought. In his writings he revealed his growing doubts about Hitler's strategy and his mounting concern as the Wehrmacht was implicated in war crimes and the first actions of the Holocaust. This selection from Heinrici’s diaries and letters, edited and with a perceptive introduction by Johannes Hürter, gives a fascinating inside view of the fighting on the Eastern Front from a commander’s perspective. It is also provides an unusual insight into the feelings, attitudes and acute anxieties of one of the Wehrmacht’s most able generals in the midst of a brutal campaign.


"Dr. Johannes Hurter, a distinguished German historian specializing in this period, discovered Heinrici’s private papers in an archive and edited a German edition similar to the now-avail-able English translation. His expertise in this chapter in German history makes his work especially relevant as a retelling of the opening year of the war on the Russian front."

- ARMOR Magazine

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