A Wargamer's Guide to the Early Roman Empire

Daniel Mersey

Date Published :
August 2017
Publisher :
Pen and Sword
Illustration :
20 illustrations
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ISBN : 9781473849556
Pages : 136
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The Roman army of the early empire is one of the most instantly recognizable armies and enjoys a reputation for excellence. This and their many famous campaigns against a wide range of colorful foes makes this one of the most popular periods for wargamers. Covering the period from 27BC to AD284, Daniel Mersey gives a wargamer's perspective of the many conflicts and offers advice on how to recreate these on the gaming table. Advice is given on factors to consider when choosing an appropriate set of commercially available rules, or devising your own, to best suit the scale and style of battle you want and capture the flavor of the period. The relevant ranges of figures and terrain pieces and buildings are also reviewed. Analysis of the forces involved, organization, tactics and strategies will help with building your armies and there are interesting scenarios included. Whether this is a new period for you, or you are looking to refresh your existing interest in the period, this handy guide is sure to hold much if interest.

About The Author

Daniel Mersey is a writer and game designer whose published wargames include Dux Bellorum (2012), the Origins Award-nominated Lion Rampant (2014), and The Men Who Would Be Kings (2016). Primarily gaming the ancients, medieval and colonial periods, despite his mediocre generalship, he has written regularly for the major wargaming magazines since the mid-1990s and has authored several non-gaming books.

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