Accurate Model AFV Detailing

Angus Creighton

Date Published :
August 2008
Publisher :
Series :
Expert Model Craft
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ISBN : 9781906347734

Dimensions : 7 X 5 inches
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Even the best AFV kit lacks those fine details that can transform it into a truly accurate representation of the original vehicle and take the finished model to world-class standards.

In Accurate Model AFV Detailing renowned armor modeler Angus Creighton shows us the ways in which he achieves his great results by enhancing and modifying original kits for total accuracy. He discusses different track types and demonstrates in detail numerous techniques including how to texturize armor plate, enhance weld seams, create casting texture and battle damage, add Zimmerit and, where necessary, use after market components.

Using our menu and comprehensive index you can find all of Angus's detailing techniques in seconds and the DVD pause facility means that you can stop at any time to savor the wonderful results that he achieves.

Main program approx. 56 minutes

PLUS - these great DVD Extras:

Profile of Angus Creighton
Model panorama
Correcting common mistakes
List of products used or recommended
Sources and reference

Total running time: approx. 90 minutes


"…a great primer... adds those details that will either satisfy you more or really impress judges…highly recommended…"

- IPMS, October 2008

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