Aeronautica Nazionale Repubblicana (1943-1945)

The Aviation Of The Italian Social Republic

Eduardo Martinez

Date Published :
April 2018
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Library of Armed Conflicts
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Binding. : Paperback
ISBN : 9788365437709
Pages : 140
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Continuing with the study of the lesser known Air Forces that fought in the skies of Europe during World War II, in this book we want to remember the Italian Air Force that after the Armistice in 1943 remained under the command of Benito Mussolini and allied to Germany better than join to the Western Allies: the Aeronautica Nazionale Repubblicana (ANR). At the same time two different Italian Air Forces fought in the Mediterranean Theatre of Operations, although they didn´t fought each other. Fortunately several works above all from Italian authors rescued the ANR from the oblivion, although there are few works from no Italian authors too. The works written for D´Amico, Valentini, Di Terlizzi, Garello, Arena, Neulen, Beale, Gentili, etc ... had lightened us with a good knowlegde about the matter. In this work we have try to create a text that allow to all readers to understand and know the most important facts in the history of all branches of the ANR (without forget that the ANR was not only formed by planes but ground forces as parachutist too) since it was created to the end of World War II. For this, it has been necessary look for information in different sources, from the mains to the minors, to try to complete the research and offer it in the most definite way but don´t trying to be exhaustive but as educational as possible. Finally as is required we use this work to pay tribute to all the members of the Aeronautica Nazionale Repubblicana that fought in World War, defending the skies and grounds of their country.


"For the enthusiast, an excellent book and good value for money...Recommended.”

- Scale Military Modeller International

"If you're interested in the lesser known Air Forces, or the WWII Axis, this is an interesting book that should give you some hours of entertainment, and remain on hand as a reference for the modeller or historian. This is now the third of the "Library of Armed Conflicts" books I have reviewed and it is turning out to be a good series...Highly Recommended.”


"Today's book is a must-have for all WW2 history fans and those who plan to work on Italian aircraft in whichever scale"


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