After Stalingrad

Seven Years as a Soviet Prisoner of War

Adelbert Holl

* Eyewitness account by a German soldier of seven years in Soviet captivity after the Battle of Stalingrad

* Describes in unsparing detail the appalling conditions endured by prisoners of war

* Insight into the Soviet system of camps and slave labour

* Vivid portraits of fellow prisoners and camp guards

* An authentic record of a neglected as
Date Published :
May 2016
Publisher :
Pen and Sword
Contributor(s) :
Tony Le Tissier
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Binding. : Paperback
ISBN : 9781526761194
Pages : 232
Dimensions : 9.25 X 6 inches
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The battle for Stalingrad has been studied and recalled in exhaustive detail ever since the Red Army trapped the German 6th Army in the ruined city in 1942. But most of these accounts finish at the end of the battle, with columns of tens of thousands of German soldiers disappearing into Soviet captivity. Their fate is rarely described. That is why Adelbert Holl's harrowing and vivid memoir of his seven-year ordeal as a prisoner in the Soviet camps is such an important record as well as an absorbing story.

As he moves from camp to camp across the Soviet Union, an unsparing inside view of the prison system and its population of ex-soldiers emerges. He describes the daily life in the camps – the crowding, the dirt, the cold, the ever-present threat of disease, the forced marches, the indifference or cruelty of the guards – in authentic detail.

The Soviets treated German prisoners as slave laborers, working them exhaustively, in often appalling conditions. The prisoners could only struggled to survive, to support each other, and hope against hope to return home.

About The Author

During many years working in several senior official positions in Berlin - including spells as provost marshal and British governor of Spandau prison - Tony Le Tissier has accumulated a vast knowledge of the campaign the led up to the fall of Berlin. He has researched every aspect of the 1945 battle for the city in unprecedented detail and has published a series of outstanding books on the subject - The Battle of Berlin 1945, Farewell to Spandau, Berlin Then and Now, Zhukov at the Oder, Slaughter at Halbe, The Third Reich Then and Now, With Our Backs to Berlin, Death Was Our Companion, Berlin Battlefield Guide: Third Reich and Cold War and The Siege of Kstrin 1945: Gateway to Berlin.


"Much has been written about the battle of Stalingrad with most accounts finishing as German troops surrendered themselves to Russian forces in early 1943. Adelbert Holl’s account begins in his last desperate hours before the surrender he and his comrades huddled together in their bunker preparing for an uncertain future..."

- Neil Barlow, GD Aufklärung

"This series will be of equal interest to people who love reading about local history, and to the people of Alnwick as they learn about their townsfolk and how they coped during the Great War. The series should win an award"

- Books Monthly

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