Afvs in Irish Service Since 1922

From the National Army to the Irish Defence Forces

Ralph A. Riccio

Date Published :
March 2011
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Series :
Green Series
Illustration :
200+ b/w photos, 50+ scale drawings
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ISBN : 9788361421191
Pages : 184
Dimensions : 11.75 X 8.25 inches
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Ralph A. Riccio tells the story of the tanks and other armored vehicles used by the armed forces of the Republic of Ireland (Eire), from independence to the present day.

Although the Irish have never used large numbers of armored vehicles, they have employed a wide and eclectic variety of tanks and armored cars, from British WW1 vehicles through to the South African tactical armored cars currently in service. This book describes the acquisition and operational use of all such AFVs by the Irish, and includes scale plans of all major types plus details of color schemes and markings.


"an excellent book on a niche subject…”

- IPMS, May 2011

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