Air Battle for Dunkirk

26 May - 3 June 1940

Norman Franks

Date Published :
July 2006
Publisher :
Grub Street Publishing
Illustration :
16 pages b/w photos
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Binding. : Paperback
ISBN : 9781910690475
Pages : 224
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‘Where is the RAF?' was the oft-quoted question asked by soldiers waiting on the beach at Dunkirk, to where they had retreated following the German blitzkrieg through northern France, and where they were now being pounded by the Luftwaffe. The air forces were there, as Norman Franks proves, detailing the outstanding achievements of the Allied pilots who had earlier had easy victories over the Polish, Dutch and Belgian air forces. The RAF's achievement reminds us just how close Britain came to disaster in June 1940.

About The Author

Norman Leslie Robert Franks is an English writer who specializes in aviation books on the pilots and squadrons of World Wars I and II.

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