Air Power and the Arab World 1909-1955

Volume 2 - Military Flying Services in the Arab Countries, 1916-1918

David Nicolle

Based on decades of research and newly available sources in Arabic and European languages, and illustrated with authentic photography, Volume 2 of the ‘Air Power and the Arab World, 1909-1955' continues the story of the men and machines of the first half century of military aviation in the Arab World.
Date Published :
July 2020
Publisher :
Helion and Company
Series :
Middle East@War
Illustration :
100 b/w photos, 15 color profiles, 6 maps
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Binding. : Paperback
ISBN : 9781913118761
Pages : 72
Dimensions : 11.75 X 8.25 inches
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At a time when multiple wars are raging across much of the Middle East, it is almost forgotten that it was Abu al-Qasim Abbas ibn Firnas ibn Wirdas at-Takurni – an Andalusian inventor, physician and engineer – who was the first person to undertake experiments in flying with any degree of success. That was back in the 9th Century A.D. Nigh on a thousand years later the Arab World's critical strategic location made it almost inevitable that these regions would be drawn into the imperial rivalries of the leading European powers, while the Ottoman Empire struggled to maintain its existing position in the area. This in turn meant that the first bombs to be dropped by military aircraft fell on Arab soil. Not surprisingly, as the Arab countries slowly achieved their independence, they too wanted to have air forces. In 1948 the first such Arab air forces were thrown into battle in an ill-fated attempt to keep Palestine as a primarily Arab country.

Based on decades of consistent research, but also newly available sources in both Arabic and various European languages, and richly illustrated with a wide range of authentic photography, Volume 2 of the Air Power and the Arab World, 1909-1955 mini-series continues the story of the men and machines of the first half century of military aviation in the Arab World.

About The Author

David Nicolle is a leading expert on the history of medieval warfare, in particular the Crusades and Middle Eastern warfare, and he is a prolific writer of books on these subjects as well as articles and magazine articles.

Among his many previous works are The Hundred Years War; The Mongol Warlords;Saladin and the Saracens; The Crusades; The Medieval Warfare Sourcebook; Hattin 1187 and Fighting for the Faith.


"Nicolle seasons virtually every section with riveting revelations on combatants, equipment, and clashes."

- Cybermodeler

"Enjoyed it."

- Historical Miniatures Gaming Society

"Further adding to the rich history are the multitude of photographs presented throughout the book, which show not only the variety of aircraft utilized but also some of the more unique markings worn by the planes in the field."

- Internet Modeler

"If this is your initial entry into this series, you will be quite pleased."


"The level of detail regarding the operations and units of the time is quite remarkable and you are provided an interesting look into how these units functioned. Add in some very nice color profiles and excellent maps and you have a fascinating book on early aviation."

- ModelingMadness.Com

"I learnt a lot in here. The images of some fascinating period aircraft, some rather ugly and others with some beautiful, stylish designs. […] An interesting part of the overall story, I look forward to seeing future volumes in this series."

- Military Model Scene

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