Air Wars between Ecuador and Peru

Volume 2 - Falso Paquisha! Aerial Operations over the Condor Mountain Range, 1981

Amaru Tincopa

Drawing upon accounts from both sides and illustrated by more than 100 exclusive photographs, half a dozen maps and 15 authentic colour profiles, ‘Air Wars between Ecuador and Peru, Volume 2' provides the first authoritative account of the air warfare between Ecuador and Peru in early 1981.
Date Published :
May 2020
Publisher :
Helion and Company
Series :
Latin America@War
Illustration :
110 b/w photos, 18 color profiles, 4 maps (3 in color), 3 color photos, 18 tables
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Binding. : Paperback
ISBN : 9781913118709
Pages : 72
Dimensions : 11.75 X 8.25 inches
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Based on diverse interpretations of the Real Ceduls (Royal Proclamations) by the Spanish monarchs of earlier centuries, the almost 200-year-old border dispute between Ecuador and Peru became one of the longest-running international armed conflicts in the Western hemisphere. Numerous attempts at a negotiated definition of the borders failed, and the two countries fought at least three wars in the 20th Century.

Drawing upon extensive research in the official archives of the Fuerza Aérea del Peru (FAP), and documentation from multiple private sources in Ecuador and Peru, The Air Wars between Ecuador and Peru, Volume 2 reconstructs the history of the air forces of both nations, and the little-known story of their brief, yet bitter clashes of early 1981.

Thanks to the availability of precise details from both parties to the conflict, the volume avoids the usual, biased and one-sided coverage of the conflict, while providing intricate details of the military build-up, capabilities and intentions of both air forces involved, their training, planning, and the conduct of combat operations.

Illustrated by more than 100 exclusive photographs, half a dozen maps and 15 authentic color profiles, Air Wars between Ecuador and Peru, Volume 2 provides the first authoritative account of the air warfare between Ecuador and Peru in early 1981.

About The Author

Born in Lima, Peru, in 1977, Amaru Tincopa is a graduate in law. He developed a strong interest in history at a very young age and began researching and publishing about Peruvian and Latin American military aviation history quite early. His first book, covering the deployment history of the Aeroplani Caproni and that Italian company’s endeavour in Peru was released in 2003 for an Italian publisher. He has since published a dozen additional titles in Argentina, France, and the United Kingdom, while three others are in the pipeline. Amaru Tincopa is currently cooperating with numerous renowned military aviation history magazines around the world. This is his second instalment for Helion.


"Dozens of rare photos season the intriguing, 72-page study. Eighteen superb color profiles by Tom Cooper sample the swath of warplane warpaint. And maps add geographic clarity to commentary."

- Cybermodeler

"... you can create a decent-sized skirmish game with the info in the book. Enjoyed it."

- Historical Miniatures Gaming Society

"The contemporary photographs support the text, and they certainly give you a good perspective of the events described."


‘’I found this another good addition to the Latin America at War series, both as a military history enthusiast and a modeller. I learnt some good detail on a conflict I hadn't known about before and plenty to interest the modeller in me as well. More good value in this series.’’

- Military Model Scene

"…full-colour side-view profiles depict Ecuadorian SEPECAT Jaguars and Dassault Mirage F.1As, Peruvian English Electric Canberras, Mirage 5s and Sukhoi Su-22s plus both countries’ Cessna A-37B Dragonflies."

- Airfix

"The narrative is fascinating, and gives ample context to the proceedings, while the photos, colour profiles and their captions are packed with detail regarding liveries, weapons loads and structural nuances."

- Flypast Magazine

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