And the World Went Dark

An Illustrated Interpretation of the Great War

Steven N. Patricia

This beautiful and evocative book gives an illustrated overview of the First World War, on land, on sea and in the air. With original drawings in full color, Steven Patricia uses 30 years' experience as a historical illustrator to give an informative and insightful account of the war, portraying the human faces of the participants and capturing mom
Date Published :
July 2016
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Illustration :
color illustrations throughout
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Binding. : Hardback
ISBN : 9781612003481
Pages : 96
Dimensions : 8 X 11.7 inches
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This beautiful and evocative book gives an illustrated overview of the First World War, on land, on sea and in the air. With original drawings in full color, Steven Patricia uses 30 years’ experience as a historical illustrator to give an informative and insightful account of the war, portraying the human faces of the participants and capturing moments in time with a vividness and immediacy that brings home both the emotional impact and the tragedy of war.

Accompanied by soldier’s diary extracts and other contemporary literature, there are many drawings of the hardware of war: aircraft and airships, submarines and ships, guns and grenades. We also get a glimpse of weary officers relaxing in an RAF mess, see panicking sailors swimming desperately away from a sinking ship, soldiers stumbling across no-man’s land, and the dramatic scene of one of last great cavalry charges of any war, in Egypt. The role of animals is featured, including the importance of horses and rescue and messenger dogs. The text gives a concise introduction to the events of the war and why it started, with maps of the different fronts where fighting took place and a diagram of a trench system. Designed for readers with little familiarity of the conflict, this is a unique and unmissable book in the centenary of the ‘war to end all wars’.

About The Author

Steven Patricia is an artist, architect and historian with 30 years of experience as a historical illustrator. His background in fine arts combines the creativity of artistic representation with an accurate and rigorous portrayal of real places, objects, people and events. His clients have included the National Park Service, The National Geographic Society, The Art Institute of Chicago, Scientific American and a number of publishers. He has his studio on an historic farm in the Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania, where he lives with his wife and their several dogs, cats and horses.


" eminently readable, visually compelling overview and summary of the one of the greatest world-shaping events of the twentieth century. Accordingly, And the World Went Dark more than justifies its place alongside the other books about World War One. For anyone – young or old – seeking a short, accessible and authoritative introduction to the subject, this unique book is an ideal starting point. Similarly, for a school-age student about to embark upon studying this conflict And the World Went Dark represents a thoroughly competent source of many important facts, of the strategic and political background to the conflict, and as an aid to understanding the global scope, scale and conduct of the war, with all of this presented in a most attractive and easy to read form. In the meantime, many who have studied or already know much about the conflict will find this book an enjoyable read, a book to dip into simply as a pleasant and illuminating experience, and an opportunity to ponder anew some of the defining events and activities so well illustrated by the superb artwork and striking descriptions contained in the accompanying passages of text, which together provide a refreshingly new perspective on this defining event in world history."

- David Stone, Author of Cold War Warriors (1998), ‘First Reich’ (2002), Dien Bien Phu (2004), Wars of the Cold War (2004), War Summits (2005), Fighting for the Fatherland (2006), World War II Chronicle (co-author and consultant) (2007), Hitler’s Army 1939-1945 (2009), Twilight of the Gods (2011), The Kaiser’s Army 1914-1918 (2015) and various articles on aspects of military history

"With an emphasis on showing the humanity of soldiers and the emotions of war, this illustrated overview is designed especially for those with little previous knowledge of the Great War, including general readers and students in high school and up. On every page, the book offers the author’s original sepia/color drawings, based on war photographs, of people, equipment, and battlefields, as well as maps, diagrams, and timelines. Brief background and statistics are presented to give the images context, along with quotes from leaders and ordinary soldiers from primary sources and from literature of the period. Material is presented chronologically, from the forces that led to war through the reasons why the war ended and its aftermath. Author Steven Patricia is a historical illustrator."

- ProtoView

"Historian and artist Patricia gives us a well illustrated, overview look at the Great War... A work primarily for someone unfamiliar with the subject, And the World Went Dark will likely prove interesting reading even for the seasoned student of the war."

- The NYMAS Review

“And the World Went Dark offers a concise look at the war through the drawings of Stephen N. Patricia, an artist with more than thirty years of experience as an historical illustrator…The author is a skilled illustrator, and his book offers a most attractive layout. Readers who are interested in World War I will find much to enjoy in this over-sized volume.”

- The Journal of America’s Military Past

"As its title indicates, this is a visual presentation of the First World War. It's also an excellent introductory book in that it is short (88 pages), briefly touches on numerous aspects of the war, and is heavily illustrated with drawings by the author... The artwork is impressive, as would be expected of author Steven Patricia, an artist and historian with some 30 years' experience as an illustrator for such clients as The Art Institute of Chicago, the National Park Service, and The National Geographic Society... With its combination of drawings, text, maps, and passages from poems, diaries, and other documents of participants, the book provides a general but effective account of the war."

- David F. Beer, Roads to the Great War

"There are some genuinely lovely pieces in the book and I especially like the image of bombers at night and the tanks crashing over wire look awesome... This is a serious piece of work done with care and love... I see no reason why it shouldn’t appeal to students of war art; or any high-quality art for that matter. I really enjoyed it and liked the concept on every level. Books like this make us think about the war in deeper terms than mere flags, nationality or kit and caboodle. This book is about people and the human experience."

- Mark Barnes, War History Online

“The author, an artist and historian, offers a thoughtful, elegant, and inclusive history of the Great War with well-presented data and illustrations that work together to incorporate the information while conveying the sense of the times… This is the book I would give to a young reader or an adult who is interested in learning more about the war. A most impressive effort!”

- World War One Illustrated, Summer 2018

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