Argentine Perspectives on the Falklands War

The Recovery and Loss of Las Malvinas

Nicholas van der Bijl

Date Published :
November 2022
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Binding. : Hardback
ISBN : 9781636241647
Pages : 224
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A new assessment of the Falklands War from the Argentine perspective.

In 1982, the United Kingdom and Argentina fought a war over an historical disagreement over the colonial “ownership” or rights over the Falkland Islands. Within months of the Argentinian defeat, General Edgardo Calvi, then the Argentine Head of the Army Joint Chief of Staff, was instructed to undertake a wide-ranging and formal inquiry to investigate the performance of the Argentine Army during the Falklands. Calvi concluded that while the Army had the motivation, it lacked the organization, equipment, training, and ability to oppose an army capable of operating in a variety of environments. The war exposed political, military, and public weaknesses in a period of considerable internal unrest during the seven years of the Dirty War. Several senior officers who fought in the Falklands were imprisoned for offenses committed during the Dirty War. Secrecy and political disagreements isolated the Service chiefs of staff from the logistic and operational planning. This book tells the story of the Falklands War from the Argentine Army perspective.

About The Author

Married with a daughter, Nick van der Bijl served 30 years in the Army, mainly in the Intelligence Corps, that included 3 Commando Brigade throughout the Falklands campaign, three years in Northern Ireland and elsewhere. His second career was as an NHS security manager; also a Justice of the Peace for fifteen years. He is a Trustee of the Military Intelligence Museum. He is retired. He has written a number of books about the Falklands War.

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