Armoured Warfare from the Riviera to the Rhine 1944 - 1945

Anthony Tucker-Jones

* Rare photographs of the Allied campaign against the Germans in southern France

* Concise introduction to one of the forgotten fronts of the Second World War

* Photographs of American, French and German armour in action

* A visual record of the impact of the fighting on the French countryside and towns
Date Published :
April 2016
Publisher :
Pen and Sword
Series :
Images of War
Illustration :
175 black-and-white illustrations
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ISBN : 9781473821460
Pages : 160
Dimensions : 9.75 X 7.5 inches
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While the Allied armies were deadlocked with the Germans in Normandy after D-Day and even as they broke out and began their long advance, another campaign was being fought against the Germans in southern France – and it is this campaign, which is often neglected in accounts of the liberation of Europe, that is the subject of Anthony Tucker-Jones’s latest photographic history.

In a sequence of over 150 wartime photographs he tells the story, from the amphibious invasion of the French Riviera – Operation Dragoon – to the battle at Montelimar, the forcing of the Belfort gap, the destruction of German resistance in the Colmar pocket and the entry of Allied forces into southern Germany.

His concise narrative gives a graphic overview of each phase of the operations, and the selection of photographs shows the American, French and German forces in action. The mechanized and armored units and their equipment are a particular feature of the book. The photographs are a valuable visual record of the tanks, guns, jeeps and trucks – the most up-to-date military vehicles and weaponry of the time – as they moved along the roads and through the towns and countryside of southern France.

About The Author

Anthony Tucker-Jones is a former defence intelligence officer and a widely published expert on regional conflicts, counter-terrorism and armoured and aerial warfare. He is the author of over thirty books including Falaise: The Flawed Victory, Operation Dragoon: The Liberation of Southern France 1944, Armoured Warfare on the Eastern Front, Tiger I & Tiger II, T-34: The Red Army's Legendary Medium Tank, The Panther Tank: Hitler’s T-34 Killer, The Battle for Budapest 1944-1945 and The Panzer IV: Hitler’s Rock. He is security and terrorism correspondent for intersec – The Journal of International Security and has freelanced for Channel 4 News. For further information his website can be found at


"Tucker-Jones demonstrates that the so-called Champagne Campaign was not the cakewalk some historians might have you believe."

- Wargames Illustrated, April 2017

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