Art of Leadership


Date Published :
September 2009
Publisher :
Pen and Sword
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ISBN : 9781848840348
Pages : 256
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Few people over the last century are better qualified to discuss leadership than Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery, the charismatic and idiosyncratic Second World War leader. It was a subject to which he devoted much thought. ‘In one short sentence, it is captaincy that counts’, he writes.

Using personal studies of famous political military and industrial figures, Monty analyses the qualities that make for effective leadership. Being, by any definition, a frank and honest man he does not hesitate to highlight perceived deficiencies.

Among his case studies are the Generals of the two world wars, Haig, French, Gort, Wavell and Alexander. Political leaders include Cromwell and Nehru, Khrushchev, de Gaulle and Mao. In this edition a fascination and contentious comparison of Churchill and Eisenhower appears for the first time.

This book was first published as The Path to Leadership in 1961. This is an expanded edition.

Pen and Sword Books are proud to have reprinted The Memoirs of Field Marshal Montgomery in 2005.

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