Bader's Last Fight

An In-Depth Investigation of a Great WWII Mystery

Andy Saunders

Date Published :
December 2007
Publisher :
Grub Street Publishing
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includes photographs in b/w & colour
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ISBN : 9781904943969
Pages : 160
Dimensions : 9.5 X 6.25 inches
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On 9th August 1941 one of the greatest icons of the Second World War, Douglas Bader, was shot down, captured and later incarcerated. But by whom, and how? Was it by one of his deadly German opponents, as Douglas Bader himself maintained, or was it by one of his own side?

There has been much debate and controversy among historians and in 2003 the author of this book revealed for the first time that Bader may have been victim to ‘friendly fire'. That revelation was followed by interest in the national press and later by a TV documentary.

In this book aviation historian Andy Saunders develops his hypothesis, backed up by strong evidence and a wealth of statistics, and separates fact from fiction. He expertly dissects all the material relating to the day itself, and subsequent events. He has also continued the quest to find the legendary fighter pilot's aircraft, which holds vital clues. And he has startling new material to divulge here also.

This book will fascinate all who read it and will be seen by most observers to be the final word on one of the great mysteries of the entire war.

About The Author

Andy Saunders is a freelance writer and researcher specialising in military aviation history with particular emphasis on the Battle of Britain and the air war over north-west Europe 1939 – 1945.


"…will interest enthusiasts and historians alike and will be seen by many to hold the final answer to one of the great mysteries of the European air war."

- Flight Journal, August 2008

…will appeal to historians and general readers intrigued by this mysterious event.

- Book News, July 2008

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