Battle of Britain Defenders

Andrzej Olejniczak

40 color profiles of the Hawker Hurricane I and Supermarine Spitfire I.
Date Published :
November 2020
Publisher :
Contributor(s) :
Andrzej Olejniczak
Series :
Spotlight On
Illustration :
40 color profiles
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Binding. : Hardback
ISBN : 9788366549142
Pages : 44
Dimensions : 11.8 X 8.2 inches
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40 color profiles of the Hawker Hurricane I and Supermarine Spitfire I. Specially commissioned profiles with a high levels of detail.


"This book will be of great interest to modelers planning on building an Hurricane or Spitfire models..."

- AMPS Indianapolis

"...sports dozens of color plan and profile views of RAF fighters during the campaign."

- Cybermodeler

"The series offers camouflage patterns of various aircraft, one per page, so you get good detail."

- Historical Miniatures Gaming Society

"For those interested in aircraft illustrations, the Spotlight On series is a perfect series to have. The illustrations are done to a high quality, and the chosen subjects are either colorful or of historic significance, or sometimes even both. With this one covering Battle of Britain defenders, the resulting book will be appealing to fans of the RAF, Hurricanes, or Spitfires."

- Internet Modeler

"The color profiles were all completed by the book's author, Andrzej M. Olejniczak, and are really fantastic...should be a great resource for RAF model builders."


"These profiles are superbly done and offer the sort of detail that one rarely gets from photos of this time period. There are a variety of markings schemes that should be enough to whet the appetite of the modeler looking for something a bit different in their next build."

- ModelingMadness.Com

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