Biographical Dictionary of British Generals of the Second World War

Nicholas Smart

Date Published :
October 2005
Publisher :
Pen and Sword
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16 b/w images
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ISBN : 9781844150496
Pages : 256
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The six years of prolonged world-wide conflict spawned some 340 serving generals in the British Army. A number are household names (Montgomery, Slim, Wavell) and others well known to historians (Horrocks, Dempsey, Leese). But the vast majority are forgotten except by their families and regiments. Yet there were a number of extraordinary characters, ranging from highly competent to downright inadequate. The Author has researched and written entries on all, varying in length, according to the subject's importance.

About The Author

Nicholas Smart is an academic teaching at the University of Plymouth, Devon. He is an author and historian.

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