Gettysburg’s Reading List

The Battle of Gettysburg has been heralded as the turning point of the Civil War, and for very prominent reasons. The battle was drawn out over three prolonged hot summer July days with more than 50,000 estimated casualties as a result.

We’ve compiled a reading list of books to check out regarding this pivotal fight for America’s future.

The Lion of Round Top

Life and Military Service of Brigadier General Strong Vincent in the American Civil War
by Hans G Myers

The story of the true savior of Little Round Top at Gettysburg—a 26-year-old Harvard-educated lawyer, who paid with his life to defend that hill.

The Blue & Gray Almanac

The Civil War in Facts & Figures, Recipes & Slang
by Albert Nofi

A fascinating and entertaining anthology about the American Civil War, throwing new light on all aspects of the war, and how it affected America and Americans, then and down to the present.

Race to the Potomac

Lee and Meade After Gettysburg, July 4–14, 1863
by Bradley M. Gottfried and Linda I. Gottfried

Details the tense post-Gettysburg pursuit, as Lee and Meade navigate danger and strategy, shaping the course of the Civil War.

A Civil War Road Trip of a Lifetime

Antietam, Gettysburg, and Beyond
by John Banks

Join author John Banks on a captivating journey through America’s rich history as he explores famous battlefields, historic homes, and forts across the country.

Storming the Wheatfield

John Caldwell’s Union Division in the Gettysburg Campaign
by James M. Smith II

Becoming a trampled, bloody, no-man’s land for thousands of wounded soldiers, Gettysburg’s infamous Wheatfield changed hands nearly six times within two hours on July 2, 1863. Smith’s gripping narrative examines the valiant Union soldiers in General John Caldwell’s Division—as well as leaders Cross, Kelly, Zook, Brooke, and Caldwell himself.