Boeing B-52 Stratofortress

Warrior Queen of the USAF

Jeannette Remak

Date Published :
March 2016
Publisher :
Fonthill Media
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Color and B&W
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ISBN : 9781781554678
Pages : 256
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The Boeing B-52 Stratofortress began her life at the Boeing Aircraft Corp back in 1946. She was the answer to the problem that General Curtis LeMay of the USAF was looking for: A BIG bomber.

The B-52, in 1955 entered the service of the USAF and as of 2016 she is still in service and on active duty. The B-52 had lived through the Cold War, being on alert 24/7 in case the Russian Bear stepped out of line. The B-52 saw service in the Vietnam War of which Operation Rolling Thunder became one of the monumental programs in USAF history. The B-52 went on to service in the deserts of the Middle East in Operation Desert Storm and later in Enduring Freedom and Afghanistan. Through all this, the B-52 has stood for the many revisions, from A to H, that have been done to her massive airframe and her cockpit, which is now an up to-date glass cockpit. Of the 744 that were built 85 of the ‘H' model still remain in service. Her armament capacity is immense. 50 years of service, and many battle scars later, still the B-52 remains the Queen of the skies of War.

About The Author

Jeannette Remak is a military aviation historian, researcher, author, and artist. Her books include “XB-70 Valkyrie: The Ride to Valhalla” (1998, MBI Publishing, Co.) “A-12 Blackbird: Declassified” (2001, also MBI)"The Archangel and the OXCART-The Dawn of Mach III Reconnaissance"(Phoenix Aviation Research 2008), “NASA and the Shuttle Shuffle” (Phoenix Aviation Research 2012)”To Slip the Surly Bonds-NASA, The Shuttle Disasters and the Demise of the U.S. Manned Spaceflight Program” (Phoenix Aviation Research-2014).


An excellent account of the story of one of the USAF's best known aircraft of the Cold War era and beyond and indeed one that has still not come to an end. With personal memories included to bring life to some of the stories, this is well worth reading I think. When you see a B-52 take to the air at an airshow, it is always such an impressive sight and one we will continue to see for some time yet.

- Military Modeling , April 2016

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