Brazilians at War

Brazilian Aviation in the Second World War

Santiago Rivas

Date Published :
February 2018
Publisher :
Helion and Company
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270 photos, 35 in color, 6 maps, 10 tables, 10 color profiles
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ISBN : 9781911512585
Pages : 96
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When the Second World War erupted, Latin America - despite being initially neutral - became part of it. Brazil, with its large provision of goods to the Allied Powers, was soon a victim of the Axis submarines - leading to the urgent development of an anti-submarine aviation arm. As it was developed, it also sent a fighter squadron and an observation unit to the Mediterranean Front - taking part in the operations over Northern Italy and supporting the Brazilian ground forces, as well as other Allied units, until the end of the war. This book covers the story of both the operations along the Brazilian coasts and on Italy and contains a large volume of information that is not been published in English before, including many photographs, and color profiles of the aircraft.

About The Author

Born in June 1977 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Santiago started his career in 1997 as a photographer in aviation and defence journalism. In 2002, he received the title of Journalist in the Argentine Catholic University. Since then, he has published his material in more than 70 different types of media around the world in all five continents, being a correspondent on 14 magazines and a permanent contributor to the two Argentine aviation and defence magazines. Currently, he specialises in Latin American aviation and defence matters, both historic and recent, and manages the main defence and aviation archive in Argentina - providing material for more than 40 magazines around the world. He has published 15 books in six countries and has contributed to many others. Santiago has travelled to most Latin American countries and Europe - working with most of the Latin American Armed Forces - and now lives in Buenos Aires with his two sons and one daughter.


"I found this a very interesting read on a relatively obscure subject...A thoroughly enjoyable read, recommended

- Scale Military Modeller International

"Part four of the publisher's 'Latin America at War' series, this is an interesting story, well told and well-illustrated.”

- Aeroplane Monthly

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