Canadian Aircraft of WWII

Carl Vincent

Date Published :
September 2009
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45 color profile illustrations, over 70 rare photographs (some in color)
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Drawing on an immense range of archival records, memoirs, and photographs collected over decades of diligent research, author Carl Vincent provides a unique insight into some of the men and machines covered under the broad title Canadian Aircraft of WWII. Each entry’s narrative is loaded with history, much of it previously unpublished and is illustrated by rare and relevant photos plus deeply researched large-format color profiles, all complemented by highly informative captions.
Discover how the oddball little Fleet Fort came into its new role, why the Bolingbroke was much more than “just a Canadian Blenheim”, when chewing gum could prove vital for a Sunderland crew, who was one of the Allies’ premier train-busters, and much more…

Covered in this AviaDossier:
DeHavilland Fox Moth (with 2 profiles & 5 photos)
Consolidated Catalina I (with 2 profiles & 5 photos)
North American Mustang I (with 3 profiles & 6 photos )
Fleet Fort (with 2 profiles & 2 photos)
Short Sunderland III (with 2 profiles & 5 photos)
Hawker Hurricane XII (with 2 profiles & 2 photos)
Bristol Bolingbroke IV (with 3 profiles & 5 photos)
Northrop Delta (with 4 profiles & 5 photos)
Douglas Boston III & IIIA (with 2 profiles & 3 photos)
Consolidated Liberator GR.V(Can) (with 1 profile & 4 photos)
Bristol Bolingbroke IVW (with 2 profiles & 3 photos)
Blackburn Shark II (with 2 profiles & 2 photos)
Supermarine Stranraer (with 1 profile & 2 photos)
Supermarine Spitfire FR.IX & FR.XIV (with 1 profile ea. & 2 photos)
Beaufighter TF.X (with 5 profiles & 10 photos)
Lysander IIIA TT (with 2 profiles & 2 photos)
Curtiss Kittyhawk Mk.IV (with 2 profiles & 2 photos)
Lockheed Hudson I (with 4 profiles & 5 photos)
Stocky Edwards’ Spitfire & Fw190 (with 1 profile ea. & 3 photos)

Foreword by Canadian Second World War Ace, and Canada’s highest scoring living fighter pilot, W/C JF “Stocky” Edwards.

2 useful appendices.

Fully indexed.


"Carl Vincent obviously wields a vast knowledge on this subject… fundamental information… balance this with rare photos and colorful anecdotes to make an approachable, inviting and compact format, interesting even for those who are not fanatically devoted to the topic. The eclectic spectrum of subjects is completely at author’s discretion, with motivation for inclusion ranging from personal interest, historic importance, technical uniqueness, pilot association, to the something completely different… it feels almost as if someone is telling to the reader: ‘now, look at this one for a moment; I find it quite interesting, how about you?’… Terry “Aviaeology” Higgins is responsible for the eye-candy in the AviaDossier, providing us with beautiful color profiles of every type under consideration. …these give the book a third dimension and elevate it to the shelf that gets frequent dustings. Not only is Terry’s art inspiring and lovely to look at, but also very well researched, accurate in detail and color and can be therefore used as a true reference."

- Aleksandar Ĺ ekularac,

"Vincent is an engaging writer and I was quickly drawn in by the events in his stories. … As with Aviaeology’s decal releases it is the inclusion of this detailed supplementary information that makes this book stand out, by indicating the breadth and depth of research that has gone into the publication. … Production quality is high.  Printing is crisp and the quality of photographic reproduction is good.  The profiles are beautifully rendered… This book’s combination of thorough research, interesting stories and great illustrations add up to another impressive release from Aviaeology."

- Brad Fallen,