Le plus grand raid commando de la Seconde Guerre mondiale

Jean-Charles Stasi

Date Published :
September 2018
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Binding. : Hardback
ISBN : 9782840484981
Pages : 96
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More than seventy-five years after wards, “Chariot” is still thought of as the most daring and most spectacular commando operation of the whole of WWII, called on the other side of the Channel “the greatest raid of all time”. Indeed you had to be mad or British to go up the estuary of the River Loire at night, into Saint-Nazaire in order to ram an old destroyer full of explosives on a time fuse against the Joubert docks. And all this was done to make the only dry-dock vast enough to take the super cruiser Tirpitz, the terror of all the Allied navies, totally unusable. This raid had as tremendous an impact in France as it did in Britain, proving to the Allies and to all of occupied Europe that the Third Reich was not invulnerable. To tell the story of this extraordinary coup de main, Jean-Charles Stasi has consulted the German, British and French archives, interviewed former commandoes as well as the inhabitants of Saint-Nazaire who witnessed the raid. His tale is lively and alert and is illustrated with a lot of period photographs, as well as maps, drawings and boat profiles, to plunge the reader into the heart of the action and to allow him relive the preparations for this extraordinary operation.

About The Author

Jean-Charles Stasi is the author of twenty books including several devoted to World War II.

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