Chinese Air Power in the 20th Century

Rise of the Red Dragon

Andreas Rupprecht

The international community's focus is usually set on the current situation of the People's Liberation Army Air Force, its structure, order of battle and the latest types in service. Consequently - and in order to commemorate the service's 70th anniversary on 11 November 2019 - this book re-focuses on its history since the establishment of the Peop
Date Published :
February 2020
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Harpia Publishing
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ISBN : 9781950394005
Pages : 256
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The international community has not only acknowledged China’s continuing rise as a world power but has also closely observed Beijing regain its place in the international community and grow to become a dominant player in the Far East.

Despite the difficulty in obtaining relevant information, Harpia’s Modern Chinese Warplanes series has filled an important void in recent years, focusing on the current situation, the structure of this growing force, its order of battle, and the latest types in service and under development.

Chinese Air Power in the 20th Century examines the different periods, explains the political events behind them and they connect to military developments, individual structure and capabilities.

This comprehensive directory provides a lavishly illustrated, in-depth analysis and overview of the historical gestation of the PLAAF and its path to becoming the modern air arm we know today.

The title also includes an assessment of how the political climate influenced the design and development of the country’s major military aircraft including the fighters, attack aircraft and bombers created by the Chinese aviation industry after World War II. This also includes a number of design proposals which, for various reasons, were rejected or abandoned.


"I can never say enough good things about the quality of Harpia’s products. This book—as with all of their other products—is first-rate."

- Air Power History

"Fascinating facts liberally season the study...Rare photos and art illustrate the effort."

- Cybermodeler

While the photos will undoubtedly be of use to modellers, this is more of an historical reference... the description of Chinese aircraft serials will be helpful to modellers wanting to  build specific airframes.''

- AirFix Model World

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