Coastal Patrol: Royal Naval Airship Operations during the Great War 1914-1918

Brian J. Turpin

British naval airship operations in the First World War against the German U-boat, told in their own words by the men who flew the airships.
Date Published :
November 2016
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Fonthill Media
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149 black & white photographs
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Binding. : Hardback
ISBN : 9781781555279
Pages : 288
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In the summer of 1915 the Royal Naval Air Service found itself engaged in an unexpected war at sea, the fight to prevent the German submarine fleet from disrupting the flow of vital supplies to the British Isles, necessary for the conduct of the war. It was a war that had to be won because by the spring of 1917 the U-boat campaign against Allied merchant shipping was close to bringing the British war effort to the point of collapse. Airships of the RNAS played a vital part in this new war at sea. This book tells the story of the young men who ventured out over the often hostile waters around the British Isles in airships, who were expected to hunt down the German submarines and to attack them with the hopelessly inadequate weapons at their disposal. The story is told by those who took part in this new form of warfare, through pieces written by them or via interviews with veterans. It covers the entire experience of being an airship pilot, from initial training, through their numerous adventures while flying these frail craft over the coastal waters of the British Isles, to the final victory in 1918.

About The Author

BRIAN TURPIN was trained as an aircraft engineer and served in the V-force of RAF Bomber Command for five years. He learnt to fly in the 1950s and on leaving the RAF in 1960 studied for his commercial pilot's licence and flew professionally for the next forty years. He now works part time as a flying instructor with a local flying club. As an airship historian he has specialized in the development of British naval airships and has had numerous magazine articles published. He has flown several times in airships and holds a balloon pilots licence.

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