Col. Ben Vandervoort

The Way We Were

Michel de Trez

Date Published :
December 2004
Publisher :
D-Day Publishing
Series :
WWII American Paratroopers Portrait Series
Illustration :
full color throughout
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The 505th PIR is one of the best parachute regiments to come out of World War II. The 2nd Battalion did much to earn this reputation and its records shows that its fearless commander, Colonel Benjamin H. Vandervoort was highly responsible for acquiring that accolade. The two DSCs he earned are certainly there to support it.

This booklet, profusely illustrated, based on historical facts, interviews of key personalities related to the introduction of the cricket within the airborne units, and vintage documents tries to dismiss the generally accepted ideas and report the true history of the legendary cricket of D-Day. Who initiated it all, where were the crickets produced, and who produced them? What type was official issue and which units used them? For the first time, these questions have now been answered.