The Dogs of War - Renaissance Mercenary Warfare Rules and Campaigns

Frank Chadwick

Date Published :
December 2011
Publisher :
Editor :
Keith Pinfold
Illustration :
highly illustrated, full color throughout
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ISBN : 9781901543216
Pages : 176
Dimensions : 12 X 8.5 inches
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In the late Middle Ages and early Renaissance, the great cities of Italy enjoyed a growth in wealth and power. As they absorbed the smaller villages and towns around them, they became true city-states, and inevitably came into conflict with each other. As the communal militias of the cities were amateurish and largely ineffective, the princes of the cities turned increasingly to mercenary captains to provide armies of experienced veterans. The contract with them was called a condotta, and so the military leader who worked under such a contract was a Condottiere.

Condottiere allows you to re-fight battles from the Age of the Condottieri. The game aims for a high degree of playability and fun while still addressing the real tactical and leadership challenges of that age.

The battle rules allow you to play pitched battles at a club meet or between several friends. But the campaign rules allow a larger group of players to conduct a series of battles, and gradually build up their forces. True to the spirit of the Condottieri, the campaign rules also provide many opportunities for deceit and betrayal, and only a clever combination of tactical skill and duplicitous double-dealing will enable the player to line his pockets with gold and build his reputation as a great Condottiere.

The need for cunning and deceit, of course, makes it a nearly ideal pastime for a typical group of friendly gamers.

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