Curtiss P-40 Warhawk


Tomasz Szlagor

Date Published :
April 2015
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Series :
SMI Library
Illustration :
115 black and white photos, 6 color photos, 18 color profiles
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ISBN : 9788364596315
Pages : 88
Dimensions : 11.5 X 8.25 inches
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Curtiss P-40, known to Americans as Warhawk, and to their allies of the British Commonwealth as Tomahawk and Kittyhawk, fought on nearly all fronts of the Second World War, serving with the American, British, Australian, New Zealand, South African, Canadian, Free French, Chinese, Dutch and Soviet air forces. The American Warhawks were part of as many as nine US Army Air Forces stationed overseas: the 5th (Australia, New Guinea, Philippines); the 6th (Central America); the 7th (central Pacific); the 9th (Middle East, North Africa), the 10th (India, Burma), the 11th (Alaska, Aleutians), the 12th (North Africa, Italy); the 13th (the Solomons); and the 14th (China). During the first years of the war the P-40 helped the Allies stem the offensive of the Axis powers and fight them back at the last-ditch defensive positions, like Kunming in China, Port Moresby on New Guinea, Darwin in Australia or El Alamein in Egypt. Never a high-performance fighter, it nonetheless proved a potent weapon in capable hands. Often turned into a fighter-bomber in later years, it soldiered on until phased out in favor of more advanced designs.


Curtiss P-40s remain perennially popular modeling subjects. And Kagero's Curtiss P-40 Warhawk - the publisher's tenth "SMI Library” installment - provides a colorfully convenient project handbook. Also including "Tomahawk/Kittyhawk” variants, the compact compendium charts P-40 operational history over 88 well illustrated pages. Principal coverage traverses USAAF, RAF, RAAF, RZAF service in the CBI, PTO and MTO - with Free French, Chinese and Soviet use briefly acknowledged, too. The dual English-Polish contents sport over 110 B&W photos, 6 color shots and 18 color profiles. Janusz Swiation's outstanding art certainly roused my modeling muse! A set of adhesive USAAF insignia "mask foils” - scale unspecified - completes contents. If you're seeking inspiration for that next P-40 project, look here! Recommended!

- Cybermodeler , January 2016

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