D Day Normandy

Weapons, Uniforms, Military Equipment

François Bertin

Date Published :
April 2007
Publisher :
Illustration :
full color throughout
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A complete panorama of the weapons, uniforms and military equipment of all the soldiers that fought at D-Day, both Allied and Axis, illustrated with more than 300 specially commissioned full color photographs.

Everything from weapons, helmets, uniforms, vehicles, canteens, personal equipment and much more are shown here in precise detail. The photographs are accompanied by detailed captions explaining what is shown.

Francois Bertin is a leading D Day historian and collector. His insightful narrative and captions will be of great interest to all collectors of World War II uniforms and equipment and the detailed photographs will be of interest to military modelers.


"... this book brings the participants and their equipment to life in vivid color. a boon for the historian and modeler alike... For the military modeler, this information is a godsend... For a single reference on what the soldiers were wearing and using in 1944, you could not ask for a better book than this. The high quality of photos, coupled with the excellent descriptions, puts this into the must-have category for armor and figure modelers."

- Internet Modeler, May 2007

"If you're interested in weapons, uniforms and military equipment of all the soldiers that fought at D DAY, both Allied and Axis, you'll find this...book a valuable resource. Everything form weapons, helmets, uniforms, vehicles, and canteens are shown in precise detail and include comprehensive captions..."

- Model Retailer, July 2007

Wow! How did Mr. Bertin manage to get so much into a compact 128 pages? ...I was overwhelmed by the vast amount of visual information contained within. Everything is printed in full color on heavy, glossy paper and the entire layout provides an appealing presentation...shows minute detail that may be over-looked by even the most meticulous among us. D-Day Normandy is a "must have" and an awesome reference book that addresses its subject as completely as I've ever seen!


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