Dassault Mirage 2000

Hervé Beaumont, Frédéric Lert

Date Published :
July 2019
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ISBN : 9782840484769
Pages : 176
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The direct successor of the famous Mirage III whose delta wing form it adopted, the Mirage 2000 was the spearhead of the Armée de l’Air for more than25 years even though a successor was found in the shape of another of Dassault’s aircraft, the Rafale. Originally designed as a single-seat interceptor and air superiority fighter (modernized Mirage 2000Cand then Mirage 2000-5), this single-engine jet had a remarkable career in France – still ongoing – because of its two-seat versions used not only for training, but also for nuclear strikes for the Strategic Air Force, replacing the Mirage IV (2000N) and conventional attacks (2000D).Although France has been the habitual customer for this plane – it has received more than half of the 600built – the Mirage 2000 has also been very successful export-wise: eight countries have used it or still use it, among them the UAE, India and Greece, whose fleets total more than fifty examples each. The authors are uncontested specialists in contemporary planes and machines made by the national builder and here realize a synthesis, reviewed and enlarged by several years of research and publications.

About The Author

Hervé Beaumont, is the undisputed expert on Dassault aircraft, author of numerous books on the Mirage III and Mirage IV.

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