Devonshire and Dorset Regiment

11th, 39th and 54th of Foot 1958 - 2007

Date Published :
March 2008
Publisher :
Pen and Sword
Illustration :
500 color and b/w photos
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The Devon and Dorsets rank among the finest and most respected infantry county regiments and have built and maintained the highest reputation. This latest history, largely pictorial but with easy to digest text, sadly will be their last as the Regiment is being amalgamated into a new large Regiment, The Rifles.

Over the 48 years since the amalgamation of the Devons with the Dorsets in 1958 the D & D’s saw service in virtually every operational theatre involving the British Army; Malaya, Aden, Northern Ireland, the Balkans, Belize, Iraq to name but some as well as numerous tours in Germany and the UK. Sometimes equipped with Armoured vehicles, at other times relying on their foot patrolling skills, the Regiment has consistently distinguished itself in many and varying testing situations.

This is no dry account of their activities and achievements – on the contrary it is a vibrant celebration of a proud regiment that is moving on in time-honored fashion to meet new challenges.

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