DH Hornet and Sea Hornet

de Havilland's Ultimate Piston-Engined Fighter

Tony Butler, David Collins, Martin Derry

Date Published :
January 2010
Publisher :
Mortons Books
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Binding. : Paperback
ISBN : 9781905414123
Pages : 144
Dimensions : 11 X 8.45 inches
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Renowned aviation author Tony Buttler, with co-authors Collins and Derry, presents a detailed and fully illustrated account of the de Havilland Hornet and Sea Hornet in service, from the prototypes to the last surviving fragments. It includes 38 specially commissioned and highly accurate colour illustrations, as well as more than 220 black and white and colour photographs. A listing of airframes is also included.

About The Author

Martin Derry has been involved in compiling, editing, assisting-in and writing
about aviation-related books and publications for over 30 years and has brought a wealth of knowledge of the aircraft types and the colors that they flew in to enhance the Flight Craft series, having compiled and authored several books in the range. He has several more books under production and in preparation for future FlightCraft titles.

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