Tale Gunner

The Lighter Side of South African Military Life

AJ Brooks

Date Published :
October 2010
Publisher :
30 Degrees South Publishers
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Binding. : Paperback
ISBN : 9781920143503
Pages : 320
Dimensions : 7.75 X 5 inches
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Nothing quite beats that rawness of military humour. It’s the same the world over. This hilarious collection of South African military anecdotes will—for the less sensitive reader—have you doubled up with mirth.

It is an ingrained tradition for South Africans to stand around a fire in the bright sunlight or on warm evenings of summer and barbeque or braai as we all say. Naturally the drink of choice is beer and mostly copious quantities of the old amber liquid. Inevitably during the intentionally drawn out grilling phase (to enable more beer swilling) and after most of the usual topics of conversation have all but exhausted themselves, a comment or the mood, the fire or some such catalyst will spark a story with military content of such hilarity that has everyone in earshot, with or without military background, rolling on the floor. For most of us never had a choice, national service was compulsory. Some saw action; others didn’t, but all had an encounter, either dangerous or benign that was the cause for much mirth.

These are some of those stories.

About The Author

AJ Brooks matriculated in 1978 and was called up to 14th Field Regiment in Potchefstroom in 1979 for his two years of compulsory national service. In mid-1979 he was transferred to the School of Artillery and it was here that his interest in guns and later vintage artillery pieces was nurtured. In December 1980 AJ completed his national service and in 1981 was called up to the 7th Medium Regiment for his first Citizen Force duty. From then on he was called up for various tours of duty to the operational area, the townships, parades and artillery courses. In 1993 AJ was transferred to the Transvaal Horse Artillery where he was promoted to the rank of Warrant Officer Second Class and BSM of 9th Battery. Further tours of duty to the Army Battle School and Potchefstroom ensued and in 1998 AJ become involved in the new SANDF before his resignation in 2003. AJ is a qualified civil engineer and runs his own construction company. He is married to Brenda who is his life and business partner and has two children Victoria (20) and Guy (13).

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