Armoured Operations of the Second World War

Volume 1

Juan Garcia

Date Published :
September 2007
Publisher :
AF Editions
Illustration :
full color profiles
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Binding. : Hardback
ISBN : 9788496016729
Pages : 192
Dimensions : 12 X 9 inches
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This large format book recounts the history of several famous armored engagements of the Second World War.

The engagements covered are: The Soviet Invasion of Poland, from Sedan to Abbeville (France), Montcornet, May 17 1940, Rommel's counterattacks in the desert, Barbarossa 1941, the encirclement of Minsk, The Battle of Krasnograd, Prokorovka, Villers Bocage 1944 and Operation Cobra.

The detailed narrative is complimented by dozens of spectacular color profiles and graphics of the armor involved in these battles. There are also over 100 black and white photos.

A unique feature of the book is three double gatefold pages that open out to double width. These are devoted to providing detailed information on the three major tanks involved in these battles, the T-34, The Tiger and The Panther.


this book is surprisingly detailed and well written, facts that make this a worthwhile book to have even for the most dedicated armor aficionado. For the modeler, the color profile illustrations will provide plenty of inspiration, in addition to the great stories told in the text. All told, this is a great addition to any armor bookshelf.

- Internet Modeler, November 2007

an ambitious undertaking … with a wealth of photos and illustrations, maps and specs worthy of every armor modeler's book shelf…. highly recommended and certainly excellent value for your money

- IPMS, December 2007

Speciality Military libraries, especially those with a focus on WWII, need armoured aoperations,: it charts all major armoured engagements of the war, offering color side panels of biographical information of leaders along with insights on different forces strategies attack plans, and events. It's a survey not to be missed,: color photos, charts and details provide all the depth and detail lacking in more general overviews of WWII Battles, making its specific information perfect for a detailed WWII report

- Midwest Book Review, November 2007

"… superb historical sections, profiles, quality period images, maps, and a well done write-up, it makes for an outstanding book that will appeal to both the historian and the modeler alike. You simply cannot go wrong with this one.”

- / S. Van Aken, October 2007

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