Fallschirmjager: Storming the Gran Sasso

The Liberation of Mussolini, 12 September 1943

Oscar Lopez

Date Published :
April 2008
Publisher :
AF Editions
Series :
Wars and Battles
Illustration :
b/w and color profiles
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Binding. : Paperback
ISBN : 9788496935006
Pages : 64
Dimensions : 10 X 7 inches
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"On the night of the 11th to 12th September, I was made to understand that the allies would not keep me alive in their hands... It was 14:00 hours when I saw the first glider land, followed by others and then groups of men approached the refuge, prepared to eliminate any resistance. The guards watching over me couldnít understand what was happening and didn't fire. The whole thing lasted five minutes. The enterprise, example of the Germans' organisation, decision and sense of initiative would be remembered in the history of the war. In time it will become legendary.”

With these prophetic words, Mussolini himself described the audacious Operation Oak raid by German Waffen-SS that freed him from his captors in the Hotel Campo Imperatore.

This book provides a complete, illustrated account of the controversial and dangerous liberation of one of history's most infamous leaders, Mussolini.


"…exciting to read for two main reasons: it contains brand new information and the volume of primary source information and quotes… The information this book provides…are priceless pieces of data… a must for those (like me ) who enjoy reading about WWII and airborne combat.”

- Historical Miniature Gamer Magazine, August 2008

"…a well written, concise and highly detailed account… Excellent photos of the paratroopers and their equipment… I thoroughly enjoyed this book and recommend it highly…”

- Internet Modeler, August 2008

"an altogether refreshing look at one of the most remarkable special operations carried out by the German military during the war. There is much to ponder for the student of history, while modelers of figures, vignettes aircraft and even AFVs will find much to inspire their next project.”

- Missing Lynx, June 2008

"…superbly researched and fascinating read that outs to rest decades of misinformation and brings the truth of the mission to light. I give it my highest recommendation."

- ModelMadness.com / S. Van Aken, June 2008

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