Warfare in the Norman Mediterranean

Analyses of different aspects of the history of warfare in the Mediterranean in the eleventh and twelfth centuries.
Date Published :
June 2020
Publisher :
Boydell and Brewer
Editor :
Georgios Theotokis
Contributor(s) :
Charles D. Stanton, Daniel P. Franke, David Nicolle, Francesca Petrizzo, Daniel Daniel Franke
Series :
Warfare in History
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Binding. : Hardback
ISBN : 9781783275212
Pages : 276
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The kingdom of Sicily plays a huge part in the history of the Norman people; their conquest brought in a new era of invasion, interaction and integration in the Mediterranean, However, much previous scholarship has tended to concentrate on their activities in England and the Holy Land. This volume aims to redress the balance by focusing on the Hautevilles, their successors and their followers. It considers the operational, tactical, technical and logistical aspects of the conduct of war in the South throughout the eleventh and twelfth centuries, looking also at its impact on Italian and Sicilian multi-cultural society. Topics include the narratives of the Norman expansion, exchanges and diffusion between the "military cultures" of the Normans and the peoples they encountered in the South, and their varied policies of conquest, consolidation and expansion in the different operational theatres of land and sea.

About The Author

Dr Charles D. Stanton is a former US naval officer and airline pilot who, after retirement, studied medieval Mediterranean history at Cambridge under David Abulafia. His particular focus is the Norman conquest of southern Italy and Sicily on which he has published several well-received articles in scholarly journals. His recent book, Norman Naval Operations in the Mediterranean, has also been highly praised.

David Nicolle is a leading expert on the history of medieval warfare, in particular the Crusades and Middle Eastern warfare, and he is a prolific writer of books on these subjects as well as articles and magazine articles.

Among his many previous works are The Hundred Years War; The Mongol Warlords;Saladin and the Saracens; The Crusades; The Medieval Warfare Sourcebook; Hattin 1187 and Fighting for the Faith.


Introduction - Georgios Theotokis
Greek and Latin sources for the Norman expansion in the South: their value as "military histories" of the warfare in the Mediterranean Sea - Georgios Theotokis
"Conquest in Their Blood": Hauteville Ambition, Authorial Spin and Interpretive Challenges in the Narrative Sources - Francesca Petrizzo
"The Arts of Guiscard": Trickery and Deceit in the Norman Conquests of Southern Italy and Outremer, 1000-1120 - James Titterton
A Gift to the Normans - The Military Legacy of Sicilian Islam - David Nicolle
Norman battle tactics in the Mediterranean theatre of operations: fighting Lombards, greeks, Arabs, and Turks c.1050-c.1100 - Matthew Bennett
Venetian Reactions to the Normans of southern Italy under Robert Guiscard - from Enmity to Congeniality - Serban V. Marin
The Norman Kingdom of Sicily: Projecting Power by Sea - Charles D. Stanton
Norman Participation in the First Crusade: a re-examination - Luigi Russo
Strategy, the Norman Conquest of Southern Italy, and the First Crusade - Daniel P. Franke
Disaster in the Delta? Sicilian support for the Crusades and the Siege of Alexandria, 1174 - Michael S. Fulton

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