The Long Shadow of World War II

How the Legacies of the War Have Shaped the 21st Century

Experts analyse the impact of World War II on individual countries and regions, and how its legacy continues to shape political and military thinking.
Date Published :
June 2021
Publisher :
Casemate Academic
Editor :
Matthias Strohn
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Binding. : Hardback
ISBN : 9781952715020

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2020 marks 75 years since the end of World War II, yet even as the war slips from living memory, its legacies continue to influence current political and military thinking. This anthology will analyse these legacies for a number of countries and regions including China, Russia, the United States, the Near East, and Germany illustrating in detail how World War II is not merely a historical event, but a defining moment for current military and political thinking around the globe. This book will therefore be of interest for those interested in history, but also political and military decision makers, and followers of current political and military affairs.

About The Author

Matthias Strohn is Senior Research Fellow at the University of Buckingham, and a senior lecturer in the Department of War Studies, RMAS. Previously he lectured at Oxford and the Joint Forces Command and Staff College, Shrivenham. He specializes in the history of the German army in the 20th century, with emphasis on command and leadership, and the development and application of doctrine, and has published widely. He holds a commission in the German army and is a member of the military attaché reserve. He has deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan with both the British army and the German Bundeswehr.


Foreword CGS
Introduction: Dr Matthias Strohn
France: Prof Olivier Schmitt
Poland: Dr Paul Latawski
Baltic States: Dr James Corum
Austria and the Balkans: Prof Lothar Höbelt
Germany: Dr Matthias Strohn
USA: Dr Timothy Bird
China: Prof Kerry Brown
Russia: Pavel Baev
Denmark: Dr Niels Poulsen
UK: Prof Niall Barr
Africa: Prof Richard Reid
Netherlands: Prof Jan Hoffenaar
Near East: Prof Mike Neiberg
Conclusion: Maj Gen Dr Andrew Sharpe

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