7 Leadership Lessons of the American Revolution

The Founding Fathers, Liberty, and the Struggle for Independence

Col. John F Antal (Ret).

This book is about leadership. It tells the dramatic story of seven defining leadership moments from the American Revolution. On these pages you learn about real people facing
historic challenges and overcoming what reasonable observers believed were insurmountable odds. More
reasonable people might have surrendered or given up. Many reasonable p
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September 2013
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This book is about leadership. It tells the dramatic story of seven defining leadership moments from the American Revolution.

On these pages you learn about real people facing historic challenges and overcoming what reasonable observers believed were insurmountable odds. More reasonable people might have surrendered or given up. Many reasonable people did. These leaders, thankfully, were unreasonable for the cause of Liberty.

The leadership skills told in these stories are timeless and telling. These leadership stories tell the story of the birth of the United States as well as providing case studies that can improve your leadership at home, business, in your community, in the military or in government. If you wish to improve your personal leadership skill, this book provides the role models for you to study.

Leadership is not about position, it is about influence. You can be a leader no matter what your rank or position. It is not about power, it is about selflessness. You cannot be a good leader unless you can also be a good follower. Good leaders don't shine, they reflect. Lessons like these are the core of this book. The stories in this book are about leaders who were challenged at all corners, adapted, improvised and overcame to win. Leaders like Samuel Adams, Patrick Henry, Henry Knox, Benjamin Franklin, and George Washington, to name a few, are stories you will want to know and tell. These leaders knew how to impel teams to succeed under the toughest conditions. These stories will come alive on the pages of this book to fuel your leadership fire and make you a better leader in any endeavor.

Leadership is always in demand, especially in today's troubled times. Leadership is something you can learn through study, reflection and practice. A good step on the road to improving your leadership is to read this book and inculcate the lessons learned from the Founding Fathers. Their struggles are our struggles and their challenges are our challenges. Learn how they secured our Liberty so you can transform today into a better tomorrow.

About The Author

John Antal is a soldier, military historian, and leadership expert. He served 30 years in the US Army as a combat arms officer, senior staff officer, and commander. He has commanded units from platoon level through regiment and served on corps and multinational staffs. In his post-Army career he has become a video game producer, military consultant and author of thirteen books and hundreds of articles on military and leadership subjects.


Preface: Leadership, Liberty, And The American Revolution

1 The First Tea Party: The Leadership Of Samuel Adams
2 If We Wish To Be Free: The Oratory Of Patrick Henry
3 A Boston Bookseller: The Accomplishments Of Henry Knox
4 Our Lives, Our Fortunes, And Our Sacred Honor: The Collaboration Of Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, And Thomas Jefferson
5 Victory Or Death! Washington At The Battles Of Trenton And Princeton
6 Charge Bayonets! Daniel Morgan At The Battle Of Cowpens
7 The Great Duty I Owe My Country: Washington At Newburgh, New York, 1783.
8 Exceptionalism, Liberty, And Leadership

Appendix A: Common Sense By Thomas Paine
Appendix B: The Declaration Of Independence
Appendix C: The Crisis, December 23, 1776 By Thomas Paine
Appendix D: A Transcript Of General George Washington’s Letter To Congress On The Victory At Trenton
Appendix E: A Transcript Of General George Washington’s Report To Congress On The Victory At Princeton
Appendix F: General Washington’s Speech To The Officers Of The Army At Newburgh, New York
Appendix G: Timeline Of The War For Independence



"At last, a leadership book written by a real leader! A fine historian, delightful writer and, vitally, a superb combat-arms officer revered by his peers in uniform, Colonel Antal has given us a book that's both a pleasure to read and eminently useful for those "in command" of organizations of any kind. A stimulating five-star work you'll keep on top of your desk!"

- Ralph Peters, Fox News Strategic Analyst and author of Cain at Gettysburg

“If you want to learn about leadership, read this book. If you wish to learn about the leadership that forged the birth of the American Republic, read this book. If you want to be inspired, read this book. John Antal has captured seven timeless stories that will raise your leadership awareness and make you a better leader in peace or war, at home, at work or in your community.”

- Steven Pressfield, bestselling author of Gates of Fire and The Warrior Ethos

"John Antal’s timely book, 7 Leadership Lessons – Leadership, Liberty, and the American Revolution is succinctly written and easily understood. On the surface, it demonstrates how those who risked all to create this republic used specific leadership principles to overcome tremendous challenges in that endeavor. These same techniques are just as valid in this century as in theirs. Along the way, Antal paints these revolutionaries as living, breathing human beings with high-risk tasks to accomplish. But Antal’s study actually goes much farther – because behind his straightforward storytelling lies something much more important: an examination of what principles that leadership came from, and what principles it should serve. You’ll come away with the feeling that the founders of this country weren’t “historical figures” but living, breathing human beings with huge problems to solve, for which they used methods available to any one of us who cares to learn."

- Bradley Thompson, television writer and producer and the co-writer for the hit TV series' Battlestar Galactica and the 2d & 3d seasons of the new Sci-Fi thriller Falling Skies.

"People forget that it took leadership to win the American Revolution. With his engaging stories tied to well-written leadership lessons, Antal reminds us of that simple, but important, fact. He includes tales of both political and military leaders at key junctions in our nation's long fight for independence. Many readers will thus find vital insights that obviously apply to today as well as the past, while teachers will discover material that can be used in any classroom, at any level. In a country that pays lip service to leadership, while decrying the sad condition of its educational system, Antal's combination of lessons on history and leadership seems timely."

- Richard McCaslin, Chair of the Department of History, University of North Texas

"In a superb blend of history and leadership, John Antal has written another 'must read' book that I highly recommend. After an outstanding career as a U.S. Army officer, Colonel Antal has drawn on his own vast experience as a proven 'leader of character' to pass along leadership lessons he derives from the actions of the United States' Founding Fathers. Antal wrote that "It has been an honor to write and talk about the leadership of those who won our Liberty," and his respect for the courage and sacrifice of those leaders during the American Revolution is clearly evident in this outstanding book. Antal is a lifelong student of history, and his mastery of the subject stands out as he uses carefully chosen historical examples to illustrate the leadership lessons. I recommend this book as a key addition to the personal library of anyone interested in leadership, history and the 1775-1783 struggle in which the United States won its independence."

- Jerry Morelock, Editor, Armchair General

"This book succeeds on several levels. It is without question a great read. Some of the stories are well known, but none better told....The advice in this book is eminently practical. Antal describes how leadership works in clear, concise, jargon free terms that make discussing the art of leadership both engaging and accessible."


"...an excellent story teller who paints a clear picture that brings each story alive.The stories make for great illustrations for the lessons learned. The lessons learned are as applicable to the business enterprise as to military leadership. He does a wonderful job of demonstrating liberty as a motivator demonstrating the importance of the individual."

- Kepler’s Military History

"this work seeks to teach leadership lessons using defining moments of the war…shows how they overcame tremendous odds and persevered through adversity"

- Military Heritage

"Retired U.S. Army Colonel John Antal presents readers with a wealth of information regarding challenges overcome by various leaders of the American Revolution. His text is organized in eight chapters, focusing first on the leadership of Samuel Adams in Boston, followed by chapters devoted to the oratory of Patrick Henry, the leadership of Boston bookseller Henry Knox, the collaboration of Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson, the leadership of George Washington at the battles of Trenton and Princeton, Daniel Morgan at the Battle of Cowpens, Washington’s leadership following the war, and several other subjects and source documents. Antal has published extensively on military history, leadership, and war."

- ProtoView

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