Echo Among Warriors

Close Combat in the Jungle of Vietnam

Richard Camp

A fictional account of gut-level combat as seen through the eyes of American and North Vietnamese participants.
Date Published :
February 2022
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Casemate Fiction
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Binding. : Paperback
ISBN : 9781636240343
Pages : 288
Dimensions : 9 X 6 inches
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"Casemate has a long history of publishing high quality military history non-fiction. Lately, they have expanded their range of work to include well written novels using wartime settings." - WWII History MagazineClose combat in the jungle of Vietnam between equally committed adversaries unfolds at a person, intense level from initial contact to final horrific ending.

In war, every action has a beginning and an end.

Echo Among Warriors is a story of close combat between two opposing, equally committed adversaries. The powerful narrative immerses the reader in both sides of the battle, playing and replaying the same battle sequence from alternating viewpoints—through the eyes of the Marines and through the eyes of the North Vietnamese. The bullet fired from a Marine’s M-16 at a silhouetted enemy solider crouched on the jungle path will in the next chapter tear into the flesh of that crouched NVA trooper. The story—unfolding from the initial contact to the final horrific ending—represents just one of perhaps thousands of deadly encounters that reflect the reality of battle—a mind-numbing, intensely personal experience that forever changes the participant.

About The Author

Richard Camp, a Bronze Star and Purple Heart recipient, served 26 years in the U.S. Marine Corps. Upon retirement, he served as the Deputy Director and Acting Director, U.S. Marine Corps History Division and as the Marine Corps Heritage Foundation, Vice President for Museum Operations at the National Museum of the Marine Corps, Quantico, Virginia. He is the author of 15 books and over 100 military related magazine articles.


"... an intense, you-are-there, fictionalized consideration of close-quarters fighting during the American war in Vietnam. The final ten chapters are as realistically and breathlessly action-packed as you will read anywhere."

- The VVA Veteran

"...the combat scenes in the jungle are well-written and carry the authenticity of a USMC veteran author..."

- Historical Miniatures Gaming Society

"Casemate has a long history of publishing high quality military history non-fiction. Lately, they have expanded their range of work to include well written novels using wartime settings."

- WWII History Magazine

"Camp’s characters, on both sides of the fight, are realistic and perfectly represent the range of human nature: from larger-than-life heroes to reluctant warriors; those dedicated to their cause and their fellow soldiers to those only out to save their own skin; inexperienced replacements with grizzled combat vets; the lucky and the unlucky; conniving hypocrites and flat-out cowards."

- Michael Archer, Author, Marine, Khe Sanh veteran

"The action is tight and well paced, but also filled with specific technical detail.... the straight forward style makes this one of the best depictions of Vietnam War era combat I have read."

- Paul W. Westermeyer, Public Historian, Marine Corps History Division

"I served with many combat veterans in my early days of the Corps and this book certainly gave me an appreciation for the war they fought..."

- Lt Gen Rich Natonski USMC (Ret).

"......incredible detail...great read...compelling to say the least...aviation detail was right on...I know once I started reading it, it would be non-stop, and it was. "

- Major Fred Allison USMC (Ret).

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