Sixty Squadron RAF

A History of the Squadron from Its Formation

Group Captain A.J.L. Scott G.B., M.G.,A.F.G.

The in-depth story of one of Britain's seminal aerial combat units in the newly opened world of military aviation during the Great War—as British pilots sought to match the expertise, as well as bravery, of their German counterparts . . .
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October 2016
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Vintage Aviation Series
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Binding. : Hardback
ISBN : 9781612003849
Pages : 165
Dimensions : 7.5 X 5 inches
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Sixty Squadron RAF, which covers the period from the disastrous maelstrom of the Somme offensive to final victory, 1916–1919, is one of the classic histories of the Great War. It is the story of a squadron whose members were awarded 1 Victoria Cross, 5 Distinguished Service Orders, 1 Bar to the DSO, 37 Military Crosses and 5 Distinguished Flying Crosses. Pilots of No.60 Squadron included Harold Balfour, Albert Ball, A.D. Bell-Irving, “Billy” Bishop, K.L. Caldwell, and the young T.B. McCudden, who was killed in action, but whose own accounts of the fighting have also become legendary.

Organized in April 1916, No.60 Squadron went to France the next month. It participated in not only the Somme campaign but Arras, Passchendaele and the March 1918 offensive. Group Captain A.J.L. Scott has written in this book not only of the aces under his command but of their German opponents, who were not childs-play. His account begins with the early stages of scouting and closes with the final concepts of offensive aerial combat during World War I. In the intervening period No.60 Squadron achieved an impressive 274 victories over enemy aircraft.

Many of those mentioned in these pages, first published in 1920, remained in aviation in the years after the war and during World War II, with considerable success


“Very entertaining and packed with first-hand experiences.”

- Air Modeller

“...will give a new generation first-hand accounts of the life of an RFC squadron over the Somme...thoroughly recommended.”

- Flypast

“Readers who appreciate the bonhomie and aggressive qualities of the RFC and RAF will find plenty to cheer about in this new reprint.”

- Over the Front, Spring 2017

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