The Final Archives of the Führerbunker

Berlin in 1945, the Chancellery and the Last Days of Hitler

Paul Vallatoux, Xavier Aiolfi

The discovery of some of the last documents of the Third Reich and the insight they give into the last days in the Führerbunker in April 1945.
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November 2020
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150 photographs
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Binding. : Hardback
ISBN : 9781612009049
Pages : 160
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In November 1945, two French officers secretly entered the Führerbunker, the air raid shelter near the Chancellery in Berlin. The bunker was the last home of Adolf Hitler; the background of the last months of his life and the war; where he married Eva Braun on April 29, 1945; and where he killed himself less than two days later.

In the middle of a heap of furniture and broken objects, the two officers found hundreds of documents littering the ground. Among the documents that they retrieved were a dozen telegrams of historic importance that allow us to understand the spirit of the last leaders of the Third Reich as well as the events that took place between April 23 and 26, 1945. These and other documents are presented for the first time in this book, shown in their proper context with an expert commentary.

About The Author

Paul Villatoux has a PhD in History and is the author/editor of several books and numerous journal articles, book chapters and conference papers. Among his recently published books are La Guerre Psychologique des Origines à Nos Jours (2008), Le 2e Régiment de Parachutiste d'Infanterie de Marine (RPIMa), Histoire et Traditions (2012), Entrepreneurial Tales. Zodiac Aerospace, 120 Years in Aerospace (2017), and Renault FT, le Char de la Victoire (2018).

Xavier Aiolfi is Franco-Italian, born in 1970. He works in military and historical souvenir auctions, having created his own company in 2011, organizing auctions and private sales throughout Europe. As an historian specializing in occupied France, he has written more than 10 books. These include La Garde Personnelle du Chef de l’Etat (1999), Napoléon Intime (2008) and L’Enlèvement du Maréchal Pétain (2018).


The Reich Chancellery
The subterranean complex
The last landmark
Running the War from the Bunker
The last days of the Bunker
The Bunker of Apocalypse
A visit to the Chancellery
Reconnecting the Thread of History
The documents

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