The Last Siege

The Mobile Campaign, Alabama 1865

Paul Brueske

A new study of the 1865 Mobile Campaign, exploring events surrounding the Union's siege and capture of Mobile, a battle which ended the Civil War.
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July 2018
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Black and white illustrations
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Binding. : Hardback
ISBN : 9781612006314
Pages : 304
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It has long been acknowledged that General Robert E. Lee's surrender of the Army of Northern Virginia ended the civil war at the Battle of Appomattox in April 1865.

However, the often overlooked last siege of the war was the Mobile campaign, crucial to securing a complete victory and the final surrender of the last Confederate force east of the Mississippi River.

The Last Siege explores the events surrounding this siege and capture of Mobile, Alabama. The Union victory at the battle of Mobile Bay in 1864 ended blockade running from the port of Mobile. Uncaptured, the city remained a priority for the Confederates to defend and the Federals to attack. This book gives a new perspective on the strategic importance of Mobile as a logistical center which had access to vital rail lines and two major river systems, essential in moving forces and supplies. Included are the most detailed accounts ever written on Union and Confederate camp life in the weeks prior to the invasion, cavalry operations of both sides during the expedition, the Federal feint movement at Cedar Point, the crippling effect of torpedoes on U.S. naval operations in Mobile Bay, the tread-way escape from Spanish Fort, and the evacuation of Mobile. The entrance of Federals into the city and the reaction of the citizenry are featured. In doing so evidence is presented that contradicts the popular notion that Mobile wholeheartedly welcomed the Federals and was a predominately pro-Union town.

Using a variety of primary sources, this book highlights the bravery of the men who were still trying to win by utilizing evolved military tactics against the strong defensive fortifications at Mobile. Many acts of heroism occurred in this, the Confederacy's last campaign which ended in the final surrender at Citronelle, Alabama in May.

About The Author

As a lifelong resident of the Gulf Coast, Brueske became obsessed with studying the Civil War, in particular the 1865 campaign for Mobile. He founded the Mobile Civil War Round Table and regularly gives talks on Civil War topics. He is currently the Head Track & Field Coach at the University of South Alabama. This is his first book, a result of many years of research on the Mobile Campaign.


“Paul Brueske's engagingly written The Last Siege: The Mobile Campaign, Alabama 1865 possesses a historiographical heft that, given the brevity of its campaign narrative, exceeds expectations by a fairly wide margin… Well researched, conceived, and executed, The Last Siege is a rather impressive first effort from author Paul Brueske. Among the short list of available candidates for best single-volume study of the 1865 Mobile Campaign, this book deserves heavy consideration for the top recommendation.”

- Civil War Books and Authors

" incident-rich narrative that will prove instructive even to close students of the campaign."

- The Alabama Review

"Brueske’s use of details and amazing descriptions of both people and places were amazing. The moments when both armies were camped so close together that they could have conversations will stay with me for a while...."


‘’Brueske’s use of details and amazing descriptions of both people and places were amazing. Brueske makes amazing use of primary sources.’’

- Bama News Now

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