To War with the 4th

A Century of Frontline Combat with the U.S. 4th Infantry Division, from the Argonne to the Ardennes to Afghanistan

Martin King, Jason Nulton, Mike Collins

The 4th Infantry Division has always been there in America's modern wars. On 14 September 1918 the men of the "Ivy” Division stood up in their trenches and prepared to attack. It would be one of the first times that American troops would operate autonomously. They would go over the top to be blown to pieces by German artillery and fall in their hu
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October 2016
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Finalist, 2016 Army Historical Society Distinguished Writing Award.

The 4th Infantry Division has always been there in America’s modern wars. On 14 September 1918 the men of the “Ivy” Division stood up in their trenches and prepared to attack. It would be one of the first times that American troops would operate autonomously, aside from Anglo-Franco command. They would go over the top on uneven ground to be blown to pieces by German artillery and fall in their hundreds to the spitting of German machine guns, yet nevertheless win the day.

In World War II on D-Day they scrambled ashore across the sands of Utah beach and remained fighting in Europe until Hitler was dead and Germany had surrendered. From the Normandy campaign to the hell of the Hürtgen Forest and the Battle of the Bulge, no other American division suffered more casualties in the European theater than the 4th, and no other division accomplished as much.

In Vietnam they would execute precarious “search and destroy” missions in dense jungles against a determined and resourceful enemy. They experienced a series of major engagements that would entail 33 consecutive days of vicious, close-quarters combat in the battle of Dak To in 1967. For their actions in Indochina they would receive no less than 11 Medals of Honor.

They fought in Iraq to topple Saddam Hussein, and in May 2009, at the height of Operation Enduring Freedom, the 4th Infantry Brigade Combat Team deployed to Afghanistan for a 12-month combat mission. They operated in the birthplace of the Taliban along the Arghandab River Valley, west of Kandahar City, a place often ominously referred to as "The Heart of Darkness." The 2nd Battalion 12th Infantry Regiment saw heavy combat throughout.

Through firsthand interviews with veterans, across the decades, and the expert analysis of the authors, the role of one of America’s mainstay divisions in its modern conflicts is in these pages illuminated.

About The Author

Martin King is a highly qualified British Military Historian/Lecturer who’s had the honor of reintroducing many US, British and German veterans to the WWII battlefields where they fought. He lives in Belgium near Antwerp where he spends his time writing, lecturing and visiting European battlefields.

He is a British citizen who has been resident in Belgium since 1981. Previous to that he attended Wakefield Technical and Arts College and followed a foundation course in Teacher Training. In 1981 he decided to continue his academic career firstly with a teacher training course at the famous Berlitz Language School, and secondly with a degree course in European History at the ULB University in Brussels, where he also began studying military history. In 2000 he was offered a position at Antwerp University.

Around this time he began writing the first draft of ‘Voices of the Bulge’, a book based on a series of one to one interviews with veterans who participated in the Battle of the Bulge. Later he was joined by co-author Michael Collins who assisted in this project. His voluntary work with veterans and the tracing the individual histories of veterans has been a labor of love for almost 20 years. He speaks fluent German, Dutch, Italian and French. Frequently in demand as a public speaker he has lectured at many British and US military bases throughout the world. His activities came to the attention of some major military documentary makers in Hollywood. The History Channel hired Martin to be their Senior Historical Consultant on their series “Cities of the Underworld”. In 2007 he began a three year assignment to work on the hit series ‘Greatest Tank Battles’, currently the most watched military documentary in the US. Shortly thereafter he accepted an invitation to work as a Presenter/Historical Consultant on the series ‘Narrow Escapes’ with Bafta Award winning documentary makers WMR.

He was recently invited to the prestigious West Point Military Academy and Valley Forge Military College in the United States. Due to his extensive work on veteran research, at Valley Forge he was honoured by being asked to officially open the ‘Eric Fisher Woods’ Library. His documentary film based on the book ‘Voices of the Bulge’ is currently in production.

Widely regarded as an authority on European Military History, General Graham Hollands referred to him as the “Greatest living expert on the Battle of the Bulge”. Fellow writer and notable historian Professor Carlton Joyce said “He really is the best on the Ardennes". Stephen Ambrose author of ‘Band of Brothers’ referred to him as ‘Our expert on the Battle of the Bulge’.



1 “The Ivy men are on the way”
2 “The Ivy men are here!”
3 “Baptism on the Aisne-Marne”
4 “Hell in St. Mihiel”
5 The Meuse-Argonne Offensive: Part One
6 The Meuse-Argonne Offensive: Part Two

7 “We’ll start the war from right here”
8 Artillery flying all directions!
9 Breaking hard
10 No Boche in the building!
11 Maintaining contact
12 The Hürtgen Forest: Into the “meat grinder”
13 “The cold shoulder of the Bulge”
14 Seeing it through!

15 Making End Term of Service

16 Iraq: We Got Saddam!
17 Afghanistan



“...interspersed with many first-hand accounts which vividly bring to life the realities of warfare. 3.5 stars”

- Army Rumour Service

"The authors liberally season their narrative with first hand accounts by individual soldiers, including some from the enemy’s side, which help illustrate how the experience of military service and combat has changed, and in some cases not changed, over the century... To War with the 4th will be of value for those with an interest in the experience of combat."

- The NYMAS Review

"This is a good history of a single division, allowing the reader to understand the way in which the battlefield has changed since the battles of 1918, but also how many of the experiences of the individual soldiers have remained the same."

- History of War

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