B-24 Bridge Busters

RAF Liberators over Burma

Colin Pateman

RAF Liberators over Burma explores ‘Bridge Busting' by aircrews against the Japanese occupation of Burma and their progression towards India.
Date Published :
September 2016
Publisher :
Fonthill Media
Illustration :
black and white photos
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Binding. : Hardback
ISBN : 9781781555194
Pages : 208
Dimensions : 9 X 6 inches
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This book will provide the reader with an understanding of why the RAF flew the American B-24 Liberator against the Japanese in Burma. British and Commonwealth air crews displayed great gallantry in many instances on low level precise bombing sorties destroying specific targets including the plethora of bridges constructed by the Japanese in their conquest to reach India. A number of detailed accounts will be based upon personal flying logbooks and other unique material originating from the pilots and aircrew themselves.

The development of aerial Pathfinding led to the formation of 159 Squadron which instigated greater accuracy in destroying a multitude of vital targets. The Bridge over the River Kwai evokes images that are historically set in celluloid, however that blockbusting film had separated fact from fiction and this book will examine the true events that took place through ‘Bridge Busting’ including techniques developed and deployed by the RAF against the Japanese forces.

About The Author

Colin Pateman lives in the South of England having spent his working life as a Police Officer, retiring after 32 years’ service. His key roles were as a handler of specialist search dogs, a Home Office qualified instructor and later trained by the Royal Engineers to qualify as a Police Search Advisor. Colin is an avid collector of aviation memorabilia and gains great satisfaction from gathering and preserving personal accounts of pilots and aircrews of the Second World War. His other aviation related publications by Fonthill include ‘Goldfish Caterpillars and Guinea pigs’, ‘Unwanted Hero’, ‘Unshackled Spirit’ and ‘Glorious in Solitude’.


“Much of the material in the book derives from official records, personal logbooks and the accounts of the aircrews themselves. It will undoubtedly prove useful to those interested in military aviation and the history of WWII.”

- Aviation History, January 2018

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