Death or Glory

The 17th/21st Lancers 1922-1993

Kevin Shannon

For the first time in print, Death or Glory tells the full story of the 17th/21st Lancers in peace and war. Much of the detailed narrative, which is illustrated with eleven maps and 128 photographs, is told in the words of those who served, giving a vivid insight into their experiences under fire in Tunisia, Italy, Palestine, Ulster, and Iraq.
Date Published :
March 2021
Publisher :
Fonthill Media
Illustration :
128 color and black & white
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Binding. : Hardback
ISBN : 9781781558201
Pages : 416
Dimensions : 9.76 X 6.77 inches
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During its seventy-one years of existence, the 17th/21st Lancers became one of the best known British cavalry regiments of all time. Beloved by the Press as the ‘Death or Glory Boys’, their renowned skull and crossbones motto was one of the most recognised cap badges of the British Army. This volume, written by a former member of the Regiment, tells their complete story for the first time, much of which is in the words of those who served. The Regiment’s role during the Second World War - on the Home Front, in North Africa and Italy, Austria, Greece, and Palestine in the aftermath of the war, its four years of service in Northern Ireland at the height of the Troubles, and the Gulf War where one of its crews achieved the longest ever direct-fire tank kill, are all covered in considerable detail. Personal accounts add color to descriptions of routine life for a cavalry regiment in Egypt and India and an armoured regiment during the Cold War, serving in Germany, Hong Kong, Libya, Yemen and Belize. Eleven sketch maps and 128 photographs illustrate the text. Appendices include a definitive Roll of Honor, all Commanding Officers, Colonels of the Regiment, and RSMs.

About The Author

Kevin Shannon was educated at St Edward’s College, Liverpool, enlisting in the Army straight from school. His varied Army career included service in an Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment, Intelligence and the infantry. After leaving the military he studied for a degree in Liverpool and then taught history for many years. His hobbies have included competitive pistol shooting, motorsport and piloting light aircraft. He has also been a long-time volunteer with International Rescue Corps, retiring as their Assistant Operational Director in late 2015. Shannon is now a full-time writer and historian.


Acknowledgements; Glossary; Foreword by Brigadier Andrew Hughes CBE, Colonel of the Royal Lancers (Queen Elizabeth’s Own); Author’s Foreword; 1: Between the Wars: 1922-July 1939; 2: The Home Front: August 1939-October 1942; 3: Blade Force: November 1942-12 December 1941; 4: The Hard Road to Tunis: 13 December 1942-March 1944; 5: Cassino: March 1944-25 May 1944; 6: The Pursuit through Central Italy: 26 May 1944-3 August 1944; 7: The Gothic Line and Beyond: 4 August 1944-2 May 1945; 8: Austria, Greece and Palestine: 3 May 1945-June 1948; 9: The Early Cold War: July 1948-April 1969; 10: The Operation Banner Years: April 1969-October 1977; 11: The Late Cold War: November 1977-July 1990; 12 The Gulf War: August 1990-March 1991; 13: Valete: January 1991-25 June 1993; Appendix 1: Commanding Officers; Appendix 2: RSMs; Appendix 3: Colonels of the Regiment; Appendix 4: Roll of Honour; Endnotes; Bibliography; Index of Names.

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