Fading Eagle

Politics and Decline of Britain's Post-War Air Force

Ian Watson

Date Published :
March 2015
Publisher :
Fonthill Media
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Binding. : Hardback
ISBN : 9781781551172
Pages : 256
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From an atmosphere of bitter rivalry at its formation, the Royal Air Force rose to prominence during the Second World War, countering imminent invasion and striking at Hitler's army and German industry before the Normandy landings. Air power also proved a vital factor in support of both land and sea operations. After the War, the RAF continued in its crucial role as the principal defender of the United Kingdom from Soviet air attack. It was also the means of delivering the nuclear deterrent, countering the submarine threat and providing rapid air support across the globe. At the end of the Cold War in 1991, many western nations, Britain included, decided that a new phase of modern warfare had begun and that funds reserved for the maintenance of a strong air force could be better spent elsewhere. Despite the continued reliance on air power within the armed forces, the RAF has been sidelined; the incompetent management of funds has reached such a peak that there are now even calls for it to be disbanded. In recounting the postwar golden age of the RAF with its iconic aircraft, sonic boom and fascinating tales of aerial adventure, Ian Watson affirms its indispensability and reminds us of the security the RAF has brought us throughout the twentieth and into the twenty-first century.

About The Author

Ian Smith Watson is an author and a historian.

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