Himmler's Diary 1945

A Calender of Events Leading to Suicide

Stephen Tyas, Peter Witte

For the first time - the fascinating personal account of Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler's last months. The dramatic fall from supreme power in 1945, and a career in mass murder ending in suicide.
Date Published :
March 2015
Publisher :
Fonthill Media
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Binding. : Hardback
ISBN : 9781781552575
Pages : 256
Dimensions : 9 X 6 inches
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Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler was instigator of the largest program of racial mass murder in history. January 1945 saw Himmler at his peak in Nazi Germany, controlling the entire German police force (including the Gestapo), and all SS organizations. He was also Minister of the Interior. His powers extended into the German Army and he was Commander of the Replacement Army and two Army Groups-two field commands that revealed his limitations and failure. Between January and May 1945 Himmler vacillated, showing a lack of vision, action, decision and leadership. Even so, he was able to gain control of V-2 rocket production and their launch against Britain. He ordered all concentration camp inmates be shot, before rescinding the order. When his SS Generals asked for instructions, Himmler ordered them to show some backbone as their commands had few bounds. The Swedes and Swiss negotiated with Himmler who then allowed over ten thousand concentration camp prisoners taken to safety before Hitler intervened. Himmler conducted peace feelers via the Swedes before the German surrender in May 1945, whilst trying to make contact with British Field Marshal Montgomery-contacts that went unanswered. Himmler was captured on the 21st of May, and realizing all was lost, committed suicide two days later by biting on a phial of cyanide he had concealed in his mouth. This book chronicles Himmler's diary and his life, movements, communications and actions between 1 January and 23 May 1945.

About The Author

Stephen Tyas is a former businessman now freelance researcher and historian. He has written numerous articles about Nazi security service operations in Eastern Europe and the Holocaust. He regularly participates in workshops and symposiums to discuss his research. His first book, ‘Himmler’s Diary 1945’, written jointly with the German historian Peter Witte, was extensively researched over 6 years.

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