Soviet Fighters of the Second World War

Jason Moore

A comprehensive, highly detailed, and highly illustrated history of Soviet-built fighters used during the Second World War including detailed descriptions of both operational and experimental fighters. It has photographs and color profiles of all fighter aircraft. Drawings from period flight and technical manuals are also included.
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June 2021
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Fonthill Media
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ISBN : 9781781558256
Pages : 416
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The Soviet Air Force had just started to re-equip with modern fighters when the Germans opened Operation Barbarossa, the invasion of the Soviet Union. Hundreds of fighters were destroyed in the first few days, but many of these were obsolete biplanes and monoplanes. The remaining fighters, including more modern types such as the MiG-3 and LaGG-3, tried to stem the Nazi advance.

This book details the development of the Red Air Force fighters, from the dark days of Operation Barbarossa, to eventual triumph over the ruins of Berlin. Starting with obsolete aircraft such as the Polikarpov biplane and monoplane fighters, the Soviets then settled on two main lines of development; the inline-engined LaGG-3 and its radial-engined derivatives, the La-5 and La-7, and the inline-engined Yakovlev fighters, which were produced in greater numbers than any other series of fighters.

Not only are these aircraft described in great detail, but experimental fighters are also dealt with. In addition to the descriptions, accurate color profiles are provided illustrating the evolution of these aircraft in terms of design, camouflage, and markings. From the fixed undercarriage I-15bis biplane of the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, to the superb La-7 and Yak-3 fighters of the last year of the war, the fighters of the Red Air Force are all covered in this comprehensive book.

About The Author

Jason Nicholas Moore is an avid air historian and modeler, with a particular interest in Soviet aeroplanes and has spent the last 40 years doing both historical research and constructing model aeroplanes. He has written a comprehensive history on the Il-2 Shturmovik and in addition he has written a comprehensive modeling guide to the Il-2 Shturmovik which has not been published. He has spent much of the last 30 years researching Soviet aircraft in general, and has read very extensively on the war on the Eastern Front.


1 Pre-Second World War Soviet Fighters
2 Second World War Fighters
3 Lavochkin Fighters
4 Mikoyan-Gurevich
5 Polikarpov
6 Yakovlev
7 Twin-Engined Fighters
8 Colours and Markings in General
9 Soviet Second World War Fighter Specifications
10 Non-Soviet Second World War Fighter Specifications
11 Experimental Fighters
12 Experimental Fighter Specifications
13 Concluding Thoughts
Appendix I: Ordnance
Appendix II: Soviet Fighter Doctrine During the Second World War
Appendix III: Soviet Fighter Organisation During the Second World War
Appendix IV: Soviet Fighter Pilot Training
Appendix V: Top Soviet Fighter Aces (Pilots With Fifty or More Kills)
Appendix VI: Production Figures
Appendix VII: Fighter Production During the Great Patriotic War for Germany and the Soviet Union
Appendix VIII: Total Fighter Combat Losses During the Great Patriotic War


"This is a very readable and well-organized look at the Soviet fighter aircraft in use during the Second World War. Anyone interested in the fighter aircraft of this period should read it."

- Air Power History

"Moore describes in unprecedented detail the succession of aircraft whose development led eventually to the superb Yak-3, Yak-9 and La-7, as well as the products of other design bureaus. A wealth of photographs, graphics and color profiles make Soviet Fighters of the Second World War an invaluable reference on an all-too-often-dismissed factor in the Allied victory."

- Aviation History Magazine

"This is a neat book about Soviet aircraft and a must have."

- AMPS Indianapolis

"For the Soviet aircraft buff, it's a comprehensive cornucopia of USSR-designed fighters."

- Historical Miniatures Gaming Society

"If you are interested in Soviet aircraft, this is an essential volume for both the aviation historian and the scale modeler."


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